KJ Wright Reporter Husband: Is She Married Or Dating Anyone?

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Memphis Grizzlies’ in-game sideline reporter KJ Wright shares a supportive relationship with her husband, although she keeps most of her private life under wraps.

A former basketball player in her own right, KJ has significantly risen in the ranks of NBA journalism.

However, perhaps to fan disappointment, she keeps most of her personal life confidential.

KJ Wright Reporting For Memphis
KJ Wright, Reporting For Memphis (Source: X)

KJ Wright is a former college basketball player and a prominent reporter in the NBA, appearing for the Memphis Grizzlies.

A resident of Toronto, she dedicated three seasons to reporting on the Toronto Raptors and delivering coverage of NCAA basketball.

She has also reported for DAZN Canada in the national team’s World Cup qualifying basketball matches.

Proving her multi-faceted abilities, she has hosted various shows: Pro Football Hall of Fame Inductions, Pan Am Games, Gatorade Athlete of the Year Awards, and numerous others.

Currently, she is the heart and soul of Grizzlies Media. She is currently everywhere, appearing on game-day sidelines, hosting and recording podcasts, and creating digital content.

KJ Wright Husband: Is The Reporter Married?

As aforementioned, although prominent on the NBA scene for almost a decade, KJ has managed to keep her personal life private.

We can, however, report that the journalist is married. We can deduce this from her 2017 interview piece with Women of Influence.

In an interview, she mentions her husband is a great support system for her. She is lucky to have an understanding partner and seems to be in a happy marriage.

“I am so fortunate to have a partner that is so understanding and supportive of my career. When I travel abroad for a month or am working 12-hour shifts that end at 3 a.m. and need a ride home, my husband is always there for me and on the sidelines cheering me on. It’s so important to have a solid support system.”

Needless to say, KJ and her partner share a mutual understanding and respect for one another.

Riding through the hustle and bustle of the NBA world as a reporter, KJ’s professional life is very busy.

Grizzlies Reporter KJ Wright
Grizzlies Reporter KJ Wright (Source: Instagram)

Covering over 80 NBA games in the regular season in 25 weeks involves a lot of late hours, traveling, and sleep deprivation.

Fortunately for KJ, she has a partner who is always nurturing and reassuring in the form of her husband.

Respecting his privacy, she doesn’t reveal much about her husband to the mainstream media. Therefore, we are still unaware of his name, and no pictures of him are available online.

Overall, reporter KJ Wright is in a long-term marital life with her husband, and the couple share an understanding bond.

Challenges And Motivation

Needless to say, the reporter has passed through many hurdles to reach where she is in her career.

Being from Canada, the reporting world of the United States was not easy for KJ to adapt to. Additionally, she was let go from her full-time job at the Toronto Star early in her career.

KJ Enjoying Her Holidays
KJ Enjoying Her Holidays (Source: Instagram)

She mentions the lay-off as being the most challenging moment of her life, which forced her to do some soul-searching.

On a positive note, the incident turned out to be a blessing in disguise for her. Following that, she would do full-time freelancing, which ultimately created new opportunities and connections, furthering her career.

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