Who Is Kristen Gundy, Mike Gundy Wife? Age And Wikipedia

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Well-renowned college football coach Mike Gundy’s wife Kristen Gundy’s age is currently 55 years old. The Oklahoma State University coach’s wife’s Wikipedia and biography are also of fan interest.

As the wife of one of the most prominent college coaches, football fans are curious about Kristen’s personal life.

The Oklahoma native coach Mike is famous for his coaching method, innovation, and personality, winning the hearts of college football fans.

OSU Coach Mike Gundy
OSU Coach Mike Gundy (Source: NY Times)

Mike Gundy was born in Oklahoma, United States, on August 12, 1967. A Midwest City High School graduate, colleges were highly interested in his football talents.

The star high school quarterback eventually committed to the Oklahoma State University (OSU) Cowboys. In collegiate football, he broke many significant records and won many accolades.

Academically, he earned a secondary education degree focusing on social studies and graduated in 1990. Gundy’s playing career ended after college when he got into coaching.

Initially, he started in roles like a wide receiver coach, quarterback coach, and offensive coordinator. Ultimately, his big break came in 2004 when he was named OSU head coach.

Regarding social media presence, coach Gundy is active on X (@coachgundy). Although not blue ticked, we can confirm the account is legitimate as other accounts, like OSU’s official handle, interact with him.

All in all, he seems to be a heart-warming personality who is very passionate about OSU football and sports in general. Mike has also been recognized in the Oklahoma Sports Hall of Fame for his achievements.

Kristen Gundy, Mike Gundy’s Wife: Age And Wikipedia

Mike’s wife Kristen Gundy’s age is 55 years old. She was born on September 9, 1968.

The pair married in 1991 and spent more than three decades of marital life together. On top of that, they have raised three children together: Gavin, Gunnar, and Gage.

Her former surname before marrying was Strickland, and her parents are father Daniel Strickland and mother Karen Strickland. The philanthropic Kristen is involved in a lot of charity work.

Mike Gundy Wife Kristen Gundy
Mike Gundy Wife Kristen Gundy (Source: Stillwater News)

Some charities she is associated with are Animal Rescue Shelter and Community Food Bank. We can deduce that she is a kind-hearted and helpful woman with a drive towards societal excellence.

Kristen is not present on any social media accounts, and her public appearances are few and far between. However, she can sometimes be spotted cheering on her husband’s team in OSU matches.

Mike And Kristen: Married Life Challenges

In a candid interview with Stillwater News Press, the couple shared about the difficulties of work-relationship balance. The competitive world of college football can take a lot out of an individual, jeopardizing his family and personal life.

Additionally, the Gundy family’s public attention in Oklahoma can be a lot to handle. Kristen funnily stated in the interview that Mike dresses up in disguise to avoid being recognized.

Mike Gundy Family
Mike Gundy Family (Source: X)

On the other hand, Mike revealed his longing desire to be “a regular dad” to his children. He mentioned that he misses parent-teacher conferences, piano recitals, ice cream socials, and game days with his children.

The long-time OSU coach expressed his desire to excel as a coach and a father despite frequently sacrificing time with his family.

The couple share a strong bond of love and understanding, facing challenges of the sporting world and personal life together. 

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