Who Is Kristin Cardenas, Anthony Weaver Wife? Married Life And Kids

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Kristin Cardenas, Anthony Weaver’s wife, is the strong support behind the accomplished football coach, showcasing a love story that goes beyond the game, thriving in every aspect of their journey.

From making his mark with the Baltimore Ravens to ascending the coaching ladder in the NFL, Weaver’s strategic brilliance shines, culminating in his current role as the defensive coordinator for the Miami Dolphins.

Anthony Weaver Is An American Football Coach And Former Player
Anthony Weaver Is An American Football Coach And Former Player (Source: Baltimore Ravens)

Anthony Weaver is an American football coach and football player who kicked off his football journey in Saratoga Springs, New York.

Drafted by the Baltimore Ravens in 2002, Weaver played four seasons, making his mark in playoff games. He then rocked it with the Houston Texans for three stellar seasons.

Switching to coaching, Weaver started at the University of Florida in 2010 and climbed the NFL coaching ladder with the New York Jets and Buffalo Bills.

In 2020, he became the Houston Texans’ defensive coordinator, showcasing his strategic brilliance.

Furthermore, Weaver’s reputation soared, leading to head coaching interviews in 2024 with the Atlanta Falcons and the Washington Commanders.

Soon after, on February 3, 2024, he took on a new challenge as the defensive coordinator for the Miami Dolphins.

Anthony Weaver Wife, Kristin Cardenas: Married Life And Kids

Anthony Weaver’s love story extends far beyond the football field, finding its center in the heartwarming connection with his wife, Kristin Cardenas.

The couple celebrated their union at the Bocean Hotel in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, surrounded by the serenity of the ocean.

As partners in this journey called life, Anthony and Kristin have built a home filled with love and laughter.

Moreover, their love story extends to the joys of parenthood, as they are proud parents to two sons, Anthony Jr. and Justus Weaver.

Anthony Weaver With His Wife Kristin Cardenas And Son Anthony Jr.
Anthony Weaver With His Wife Kristin Cardenas And Son Anthony Jr. (Source: Houston Texans)

However, in an era dominated by social media, this couple has chosen a more private path, remaining notably inactive online.

Kristin, in particular, gracefully stays away from the public eye, preferring a life of quiet bliss with her family.

But whether cheering on victories on the field or creating lasting memories at home, Anthony and Kristin exemplify the perfect team: partners in love, parenting, and the pursuit of happiness.

Journey with the Miami Dolphins

Anthony Weaver steps into the Miami Dolphins’ new defensive coordinator role, bringing a refreshing energy to the team’s defense in 2024.

In a league where adaptability is key, Weaver emphasizes the need for flexibility, understanding that the NFL is a dynamic arena with unpredictable twists.

Despite his brief time under the South Florida sun, Weaver noticed something special in Miami’s defensive play from 2023: a dedicated and passionate effort from players across all defensive positions.

Teaming up with Dolphins coach Mike McDaniel, both believe that developing players is the foundation for building a strong and successful team.

Anthony Weaver Joins The Dolphins As Their New Defensive Coordinator
Anthony Weaver Joins The Dolphins As Their New Defensive Coordinator (Source: Baltimore Beatdown)

Leveraging his experiences from a seven-year NFL playing career, Weaver aims to connect with his players on a deeper level, guiding them through challenges and pushing them to exceed their potential.

Additionally, with a profound sense of responsibility, Weaver approaches his role as a defensive coordinator, understanding the fleeting nature of NFL careers.

Stepping into his second stint, he envisions 2024 as an opportunity to contribute to the Dolphins’ ongoing success, building upon back-to-back postseason appearances.

Joining a team with a proven track record, Weaver sees it as an irresistible chance to make every play count and strive for greatness in the vibrant world of Miami Dolphins football.

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