KSI Boasts Being Undefeated After His Knockout Of Joe Fournier Gets Overturned

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KSI, the Youtuber turned boxer’s victory against Joe Fournier, has been changed from a win to a ‘no decision,’ to which he has reacted that he is still undefeated. 

The internet sensation faced Joe Fournier, a businessman, and professional boxer, on May 13, 2023, at Wembley Arena in London.

Initially, KSI won the fight by knocking out Fournier in the second round and retained his MF cruiserweight title.

However, controversy emerged when video replays revealed that KSI had landed an illegal elbow strike during the finishing sequence.

Decision Of The Boxing Comissioner
Decision Of The Boxing Commissioner (Source: Twitter)

On May 15, Fournier appealed the decision, prompting the Professional Boxing Association to call for both fighters to present their cases.

The association has now made its decision, officially declaring the bout as a no-contest due to an accident elbow. 

After the announcement of the decision, the boxer went to Twitter to mention that he is still undefeated. 

In addition, he also stated that the only way he would even entertain a rematch with Joe Fournier is if he fought him and two other celebrity boxers all on the same night. 

What Really Happened During The Match? 

During the second round, KSI delivered a powerful right hand that rocked Fournier. As a result, Fournier retreated, but KSI continued his assault by attempting a right hook.

Unfortunately, he missed his intended target and unintentionally struck Fournier with an elbow instead, causing him to fall to the ground.

The referee, seemingly unaware of the elbow strike due to its quickness, proceeded to count Fournier out, resulting in KSI being initially declared the winner of the fight.

KSI Trolling Joe After No Contest
KSI Trolling Joe After No Contest (Source: Twitter)

Hence, Joe appealed and got the result as no contest, which is neither a win nor a draw. 

But this hasn’t left KSI trolling him and claiming that he would still knock him out if it wasn’t for the elbow. 

What Is Misfits Boxing? 

In June 2021, KSI made an announcement regarding his partnership with Wasserman Promotions to establish a boxing promotional company called “Misfits Boxing.”

Their inaugural event was scheduled for August 27, 2022, and KSI was slated to make his boxing comeback as the main attraction.

The collaboration with DAZN, who had previously distributed KSI’s rematch against Logan Paul, led to the announcement of a series of boxing events titled “MF & DAZN: X Series.”

The first event in this series was titled “KSI vs Swarmz event X Series 001,” with led to more event and is now a reputed boxing promotional company. 

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