Kultida Woods Net Worth And Ethnicity: Is Tiger Woods Mother Still Alive?

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Although Kultida Woods, the mother of legendary Tiger Woods, is known for her strong-willed personality, her net worth has been a subject of interest due to her connection to the golfer.

In this article, we delve into Kultida Woods’ net worth and her ethnicity. Further, we’ll address the question on many minds: Is Tiger Woods’ mother still alive?

Tiger Woods Has Won 82 Official PGA Tour Events
Tiger Woods Has Won 82 Official PGA Tour Events (Source: Facebook)

Tiger Woods, born Eldrick Tont Woods, has registered himself among the best players in the world of professional golf.

Born on December 30, 1975, Woods has had an incredible career since he went professional in 1996.

Known for numerous accolades and his exceptional talent on the golf course, he has victories in all major tournaments.

Turning professional at 20, Woods quickly rose to prominence, winning multiple PGA Tour events and major championships.

Similarly, he has a record of holding the top spot in the World Golf Ranking for the most number of weeks.

Woods’ career has been marked by numerous records, including 15 major golf championships and 82 PGA Tour victories.

An 11-time PGA Player of the Year, the World Golf Hall of Famer has won 18 World Golf Championships.

Kultida Woods Net Worth

Tiger Woods’ mother, Kultida, has been a supportive figure in the background of her son’s remarkable career.

While Kultida Woods is not a public figure as her son is, her net worth is not widely disclosed.

Despite being the mother of one of the world’s wealthiest athletes, she has maintained a low profile.

Tiger Woods With His Mother Kultida Woods
Tiger Woods With His Mother Kultida Woods (Source: The Sun)

Apart from a few media appearances, she has kept her personal and financial matters away from the public eye.

Unlike Tiger, who has amassed a substantial fortune through his successful golf career, Kultida’s financial details remain primarily private.

Regardless, many online reports have speculated that her estimated net worth stands around $1 million.

Furthermore, she gets involved in philanthropic activities through the Tiger Woods Foundation.

Kultida Woods Ethnicity

Kultida “Tida” Woods (nee Punsawad) was born on September 30, 1946, in Kanchanaburi, Thailand. Albeit, she’s lived in the United States for most of her life.

Even though Kultida is originally from Thailand, she is of mixed ethnicity. Reportedly, she is half Thai, a quarter Chinese, and a quarter Dutch. 

Kultida Woods Moved To The US In 1969
Kultida Woods Moved To The US In 1969 (Source: The Sun)

Woods was often described as the “Great Black Hope” in the rise of his career. And Kultida didn’t agree with the narrative. 

“To call Tiger black is to deny my existence,” she said in an interview. “You know what my grandfather on my mother’s side is? Dutch! White! Hah!”

It is one of the reasons Woods describes his ethnic make-up as “Cablinasian” rather than simply African-American. 

Kultida met her husband in Bangkok while working in an office at a US Army office, where Earl was assigned. She first moved to the US after their marriage in 1968.

“I live in US 40 years now, in Thailand for only 25,” Kultida told ESPN in 2009. “In that way, I’m more American than Thai.”

Nonetheless, her home country still holds an important place in Kultida’s heart, and she frequently visits Thailand.

Tiger With His Mother During His Induction Into The World Golf Hall Of Fame In 2022
Tiger With His Mother During His Induction Into The World Golf Hall Of Fame In 2022 (Source: The List)

Moreover, Kultida brought a rich Thai cultural background to Tiger Woods’ upbringing. Her cultural influence played a significant role in shaping Tiger’s character. 

She instilled in her son a sense of respect for elders and openness to all people —values deeply rooted in Thai traditions.

Is Kultida Woods Still Alive?

Given her private nature, Kultida has managed to stay out of the public spotlight. It has led to occasional speculation about her well-being.

As of December 2023, Kultida Woods is alive and doing well, watching his son play, supporting him, and standing up for him when necessary.

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