Kurt Browning Illness And Health Update 2023: How Is He Doing?

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Kurt Browning isn’t suffering from any illness and is in a healthy condition. The rumors surrounding the legendary Canadian figure skater’s failing health aren’t true.

Kurt Browning announced his retirement earlier this year, stating his age had caught up to him. Browning said his recovery time was getting longer, and he didn’t want to disappoint his audience. 

Kurt Browning Performed For One Final Time Earlier This Year In May
Kurt Browning Performed For One Final Time Earlier This Year In May (Source: Twitter)

The four-time world champion, Kurt Browning, hasn’t mentioned anything about suffering from any disease. Though Browning might’ve announced his retirement from performing in Stars on Ice, his presence will be there even in 2024.

The 57-year-old will be the director and choreographer for the 2024 tour. The 12-stop 2024 tour will begin on April 25 in Halifax and conclude on May 16 in Victoria. 

Kurt Browning Illness And Health Update 2023

Kurt Browning doesn’t suffer from any illness. The question about his health has been raised since he announced his retirement earlier this year.

The legendary Canadian figure skater and choreographer Kurt Browning decided 2023 was the year he bid goodbye to the sport he loves the most. Many believe it could be because of him suffering from any disease. But that isn’t true. 

Earlier this year, in June, Browning sat down to reflect on his glorious career with Scott Russell of CBC Sports. Kurt said his backflips had lately turned into backflops, and he didn’t want the audience to drive six hours if he could not give his best on the stage. 

Kurt Browning Pictured Earlier This Year For His Last Star On Ice Performance
Kurt Browning Pictured Earlier This Year For His Last Star On Ice Performance (Source: Twitter)

Aging was the biggest reason for Kurt to retire. He said it’s become more challenging to maintain a consistent performance and harder to recover from injuries. 

On the internet, you could see a few articles questioning whether the former figure skater suffers from a deadly brain disease. And the answer to that question is a big “NO.”

In fact, the Canadian athlete is involved with a project named The Brain Project. It is a Toronto-wide art exhibit created by the Baycrest Foundation to raise awareness and inspire conversations about brain health. 

Kurt’s fans can keep in touch with him through his social media handles. Browning has recently given updates on his shows from his X handle (formerly Twitter), and he also has an active Instagram handle. 

Kurt Browning Family: Get To Know His Wife 

The Canadian figure skater tied the knot for the second time last year in August. He walked down the aisle with long-time partner Alissa Czisny in a small ceremony with only close friends marking their presence. 

Like Browning, Czisny is a figure saker, having won the 2019 and 2021 US Professional Open Grand Championships. She first gained media attention in 2005 after winning gold at 2005 Skate Canada International.

Browning was previously married to Sonia Rodriguez, a Canadian ballet dancer. The two married in June 1996 and are parents to two sons. The couple divorced in 2010. 2010 was also the year their family home suffered a major fire. 

Kurt Browning Tied The Knot With Alissa Czisny Last Year In August
Kurt Browning Tied The Knot With Alissa Czisny Last Year In August (Source: Twitter)

In an interview, Browning said, “When a marriage ends, and mine ended very, very slowly, it ended very quickly one day and then took a long time to figure itself out.”

He said during his divorce, there were lots of things going on. Browning added he was working extra hard at the time to avoid the reality. 

After getting together with Czisny, Browning found a person who helped him on his road to recovery. He said they make each other’s day better and see what one can do to make their day OK. 

The world champion also added because of Alissa, he got the strength to perform Stars on Ice for the last three years and stay through COVID to keep doing it. 

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