Kyle Troup Wife: Is The Bowler Married? Family & Net Worth 2024

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Kyle Troup future wife, Breanna Stewart, was present to watch her fiance win his first US Open title. The bowling couple recently got engaged during a cruise trip last month. 

Troup, 32, began seeing Stewart in 2021, and when the bowler chose to be with Breanna, he also became a father figure to Breanna’s two kids from a previous relationship. 

Kyle Troup Pictured Lifting The US Open Trophy
Kyle Troup Pictured Lifting The US Open Trophy (Source: Instagram)

A bowling legend, Troup has 11 PBA Tour titles, including two major championships and two wins in the PBA Playoffs. In 2021, he also had a record-breaking earning year, taking home nearly $500,000. 

Breanna, her two kids, Caleb and Aubrey, and Kyle’s father, Guppy Troup, saw Kyle defeat EJ Tackett, Jason Belmonte, and Anthony Simonsen in the championship round. The win earned Kyle $100,000 and the precious green jacket. 

Kyle Troup Wife: Is The Bowler Married?

The professional ten-pin bowler, Kyle Troup, has no wife and isn’t married. But the bowler does have a fiance named Breanna Stewart. 

Kyle was pre-determined to make 2024 a memorable year from the very beginning. On January 7, Breanna shared a gallery of images from their cruise trip.

In one of those pictures, Breanna has shown the rock in her finger, hinting that the bowler had proposed to her. Troup first appeared on Breanna’s social media page in 2021.

Breanna had shared a few photographs of them having attended a close friend’s wedding ceremony. She then next shared pictures with Kyle a year later. The two could be seen enjoying their vacation, with Breanna captioning the post, “The beach is better with someone special.”

Kyle And Breanna Pictured With Her Two Kids, Caleb, And Aubrey
Kyle And Breanna Pictured With Her Two Kids, Caleb And Aubrey (Source: Instagram)

A few comments on Breanna’s post hint that the two might have broken up for a while and had recently rekindled their romance. But since 2022, Kyle and Breanna have shared several pictures of them attending events together. 

From her social media handle, it is clear that Breanna also loves bowling and has participated in bowling competitions. Previously, in 2021, Louisville Metro USBC congratulated Breanna on a 300-game in a team event tournament.

Before linking up with Kyle, Breanna had already experienced motherhood with two kids. She has a 13-year-old son named Caleb and a seven-year-old daughter named Aubrey. 

Breanna’s son, Caleb, is interested in football, and previously, Breanna shared a few photos from Kyle and Caleb’s trip to the Carolina Panthers game. 

The two kids have also attended several bowling games to cheer on their dad and were there to see Kyle win the US Open. 

Kyle Troup Parents & Family

The American bowler is the oldest son of Guppy and Sherri Troup. Kyle’s mother, Sherri Troup, passed away in 2020 after a short battle with cancer. 

Earlier this year, on January 8, Kyle shared a sweet tribute for his mom on her birthday. He posted an image of her wearing the T-shirt that read, “Warning. Bowling Mom. Will cheer loudly.”

Kyle captioned the post, “I’m headed to Wichita for the start of the 2024 PBA Tour. I know you’re super excited and ready to watch Jesper and me kick some butt.

There have been so many blessings in the past few years that I wish you could have been here for. I know you’ve made them all possible by watching over me. Breanna and the kids would have loved you.”

Unfortunately, Breanna and Sherri never met, but Kyle’s father, Guppy Troup, shares a strong bond with his son and his future family. A former professional bowler, Kyler followed in his father’s footsteps. 

During his career, Guppy won eight national titles and 41 in PBA Regional Tour competitions. In his heyday, Gubby’s unique clothing style, including sunglasses, jewelry, and colorful pants, caught the attention of many. 

Kyle Troup Pictured With His Father, Guppy Troup, Shared The Picture On Guppy's Birthday
Kyle Troup, Pictured With His Father, Guppy Troup, Shared The Picture On Guppy’s Birthday (Source: Instagram)

In an interview, Guppy shared that when Kyle was old enough to travel, he would visit several bowling centers with his dad.

Kyle said growing up, he had pressure on him because of his dad’s name but said he felt fortunate enough to meet bowling legends like Tommy Jones, Norm Duke, and Jason Couch at a young age. 

Kyle has a younger brother named Tyler Troup, a contract coordinator at Performance Food Group. He previously graduated from Catawba Valley Community College with a music industry degree. 

The younger brother of the professional bowler accompanies the family to bowling events. He has also been seen trying his hand at bowling and currently remains single. 

Kyle Troup Net Worth 

As per Celebrity Net Worth, Kyle Troup is worth $2 million. In 2021, Kyle broke the earning records and made $496,900 in one season, pushing him above Walter Ray Williams Jr, who made $419,700 in 2002.

In 2022, Kyle took his career earnings over the $1 million mark and won the ESPY Award for Best Bowler. Before 2021, Kyle’s biggest season was in 2018, earning $79,546. 

Despite the success, the bowler remains one of the most humble and down-to-earth guys in the sport, and maybe it’s humility as well that has pushed him far in his career. 

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