Lance Lynn Wife: Who Is Dymin Lynn? Married Life & Kids

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Lance Lynn married his wife Dymin Lynn back in 2020. The couple shares 3 kids together, two daughters and a son who they welcomed in 2022. In addition, Lance also has a daughter from his previous relationship who is very much a part of the family.

MLB player Lance Lynn lives the best married life. He is the perfect husband to his wife and an amazing father to his kids. 

Moreover, the pitcher accompanies his wife in all her shenanigans. The couple frequently shares their chemistry-filled photos on social media.

Lance Lynn Wife: Who Is Dymin Lynn? Married Life & Kids
Dodgers Pitcher Lance Lynn (Source: Sports Illustrated)

Michael Lance Lynn is a 37-year-old professional Baseball player from Indianapolis. He plays the position of a pitcher for Los Angeles Dodgers.

Lance embarked on his baseball journey from the Little League World Series in 1999. He later played for Brownsburg High School and earned All-State Honors in his Junior and Sophomore seasons.

Despite his selection in the 2005 MLB Draft, he decided not to sign and further opted for the college level. He played in Mississippi for the Ole Miss Rebels and set multiple strikeout records.

Furthermore, he finally made his MLB debut through St. Louis Cardinals and was the organizational pitcher of the year in his first full season. With the Cardinals, he won his only World Series Championship ever in 2011.

Moreover, the two-time All-Star was also a part of other franchises like the Twins, Yankees, Rangers, and White Sox.

Wife of Lance Lynn: Meet Dymin Lynn

The Dodgers pitcher is a happily married man with the love of his life, Dymin Lynn. She is also the mother of his kids.

Dymin currently supports her athlete husband in each way possible. She attends his matches and also is the one to take care of the kids.

Furthermore, Dymin herself was an athlete once, she played volleyball in the past. 

Lance Lynn Wife: Who Is Dymin Lynn? Married Life & Kids
Lance Lynn And His Wife Dymin Lynn (Source: Facebook)

Dymin and Lance met through the efforts of her mother, Missy. They crossed paths during one of Dymin’s mother’s gatherings.

In her blog, Dymin wrote, she didn’t want to meet Lance initially.

Moreover, they went on a pizza date in 2017, officially kindling their love for each other. Just a year later, in the month of September, Lance proposed to Dymin.

Dymin’s Instagram is filled with affectionate photos of her family. She never misses a chance to prove her amazing personality as a wife, mother, and stepmother.

Married Life And Kids

Lance and Dymin officially tied the knot in January 2020. They had already welcomed their first child before their wedding.

The Lynn family is a family of 6 with Lance, Dymin, and the 4 kids.

The oldest daughter Mia Jane Lynn was born in 2012. She is Lance’s daughter from his previous wife, Lauren Gill, and celebrates her birthday on February 13.

Dymin loves her stepdaughter equally and even wrote about their relationship in her blog.

Lance Lynn Wife: Who Is Dymin Lynn? Married Life & Kids
The Lynn Family (Source: Facebook)

Furthermore, their second daughter Lively was born in 2019 and celebrates her birthday on February 22.

The third and youngest daughter Rumer was born in 2020 and is an October baby, born on the 22nd.

Moreover, the couple most recently welcomed the youngest, Lynn. This time it was a son, his name is Judge Ryder, and he was also born in October.  


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