Larry Jordan Wife: Is Michael Jordan Brother Married?

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Does Larry Jordan have a wife? As Larry is known to have children, NBA fans are speculating about the kids’ mother.

Larry has two kids named Justin Jordan and Alexis Jordan, a son and a daughter.

Former Basketball Player Larry Jordan
Former Basketball Player Larry Jordan (Source: Maire Claire)

Born in 1962 in Wallace, North Carolina, Larry Jordan emerged as one of the naturally gifted athletes in the esteemed Jordan family.

His journey in basketball commenced at the University of North Carolina Wilmington before venturing into a professional career in the World Basketball League.

The Chicago Express selected Larry Jordan in the third round of the 1987 World Basketball League draft.

Transitioning to the administrative side of the game, Jordan joined the Charlotte Bobcats staff in 2011.

Presently, Larry Jordan holds the esteemed role of Vice President of Player Personnel.

Who Is Larry Jordan’s Wife? Is He Married?

Larry Jordan has intentionally shielded the identity of the mother of his children, safeguarding her privacy from the prying eyes of the public.

The intricacies of Larry’s family life remain ambiguous, making it challenging to ascertain whether his children are the product of a romantic relationship or a formal marriage.

In contrast to some high-profile individuals, Larry has managed to keep a low profile in the media regarding his romantic associations and dating history.

Larry Jordan Son Justin Jordan
Larry Jordan’s Son Justin Jordan (Source: ESPN)

The broader Jordan family boasts 13 children among the siblings, with Larry contributing two to this vibrant family dynamic.

His children, Justin Jordan and Alexis Jordan add to the family’s legacy.

Justin, in particular, pursued college basketball at UNC Greensboro, showcasing a commitment to the sport.

Furthermore, Justin has made strides in the professional realm, initially serving as an assistant video coordinator for the Hornets.

His dedication and capabilities were recognized, leading to a well-deserved promotion to the scout role in 2019.

The Jordan Siblings And Their Children

Michael Jordan is the fourth child of Deloris Jordan and the late James R Jordan Sr., who passed away in 1993.

Michael has two older brothers, known as “Ronnie” (James Jr.) and Larry, along with two sisters—Deloris, the older sister, and Roslyn, the younger sister.

Growing up in Wilmington, North Carolina, five siblings, including Michael, spent most of their childhood on five acres of land.

Furthermore, Michael and his elder brother Larry were the most competitive players ever since childhood.

Two days after graduating from high school, Ronnie, who is six years older than Michael, enlisted in the Army as he wanted to become a soldier.

Similarly, Deloris is an inspirational speaker and writer among the Jordan sisters. And the youngest, Roslyn Jordan, is a literary author like her mother.

The Jordan Siblings In The Cover Of Family First
The Jordan Siblings In The Cover Of Family First (Source: Amazon)

Deloris wrote her most famous book, ‘In My Family’s Shadow: Sister of Sports Phenom Michael Jordan.’

In the memoir, she accused their father of sexually abusing her when she was younger.

Additionally, Ronnie Jordan, the eldest of Jordan’s siblings, and his wife, Blanca Jordan, have three children.

Similarly, Deloris Jordan, Michael’s sister, has three children, while Michael himself has five.

MJ’s first wife, Juanita, is the mother of his children, Jeffrey, Marcus, and Jasmine.

Likewise, his other wife, Yvette, is the mother of twin daughters, Victoria and Ysabel.

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