Leicester City 2-4 Tottenham: Bale scored twice for Spurs

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Leicester was denied a place in the Champions League for the second season in a row. On the Premier League final with Gareth Bale scoring two goals late to give Tottenham the victory.

At the start of the final rounds in fifth place. The foxes knew that their best hope of finishing in the top four was to win. 

At the same time, they were hoping that Liverpool and Chelsea slipped in their final games.

Chelsea left the door open, losing 2-1 to Aston Villa. But Leicester failed to do their part, falling to defeat at King Power Stadium. Despite leading twice, to end a point behind Thomas Tuchel’s Blues.

It means the Europa League is waiting for the foxes again.

Bale hit the final nail in the coffin, finishing low in the lower corner. To put the Spurs ahead in the game for the first time in the 87th minute. Before following his shot he hit the post to make it second in the stoppage.

However, Kasper Schmeichel‘s goal broke the heart of the City’s challenging challenge. 

The goalkeeper hit the corner of his net under pressure to score 2-2 with 14 minutes left.

Before that, as Chelsea lost to Villa, two relaxed penalties from Jamie Vardy. Both were foul and seemed to send the foxes to Europe’s first tournament.

The game could also represent the last Tottenham shirt for talismanic striker Harry Kane. He has expressed his desire to leave the club this summer.

If so, the England captain has signed with a 221 goal for his Spurs career. The first sound equalizer from inside the box led him to the 23rd place won by the Golden Boot in this league campaign.

Whether to a place in the new Europa Conference League Tottenham’s reward from this season. For finishing seventh is enough for Kane, remains to be seen.

Sunday’s game could also be Bale’s last, completing his loan spell with Real Madrid. Interim manager Ryan Mason and the club is looking for a replacement for Jose Mourinho.

Leicester is down but still far from out after a season of progress.

Last season in their previous two games, defeats saw Leicester drop to fifth. And miss out on the Champions League. After being in the first four games since September.

It was the deja vu case of the campaign, with this heartbreaking loss coming after a 2-1 defeat at Chelsea in their last match.

However, it will be challenging as Brendan Rodgers’ side has spent the entire 2020-21 season. Before the last two games in the Champions League qualifiers.

It may not sound like it, but it has been another era of amazing foxes. They have played excellent football and built up a loyal old guard. 

Leicester down but still far from out after a season of progress (Source: BBC)
Leicester is down but still far from out after a season of progress (Source: BBC)

And a host of exciting young talents, including the revived Wesley Fofana and the revived Kelechi Iheanacho.

It meant how the injury of the first half in the first half affected the home team. Tottenham returned to the game and got the first equalizer.

Either way, it was Vardy who quietly sent two kicks for him. By winning by drawing errors to Toby Alderweireld and Davinson Sanchez. The first to need a VAR pitch-side check for Anthony Taylor.

These games are emotional issues, and mental strength is just as important as physical.

Initially, Leicester used to be aggressive and aggressive. Still, as the game progressed, clear emotions among the watching fans. 

They began to enter the stadium, with home players growing indifferent to doing anything that could cause a mistake.

An error came; Schmeichel misjudged a corner and hit his net. Which is the backbone they failed to recover from.

The players were still happy when they played the FA Cup after the game. 

When Sunday’s disappointment ends, they will begin to appreciate what this trophy represents for their season.

Tottenham is facing a summer transition.

Unlike Leicester, Tottenham has a kind of significant change ahead of them.

Their seventh place represents their relegation from the Premier League. They came in eighth in 2008-09 which gave them a place in the Europa Conference League. 

This is not enough for a club they believe deserves to qualify for the now-relegated European Super League.

Harry Kane to leave Tottenham (Source: Football London)
Harry Kane to leave Tottenham (Source: Football London)

Top of Daniel Levy’s tray to solve Kane’s future.

The 27-year-old also proved to be one of the top finishers in the business. 

Shooting after Son Heung-min’s cross hit him in the box to make it 23 goals unmatched in the campaign.

It is unlikely that Bale will wear the Spurs shirt next season. This means Levy will have to find a way to close down half of his team’s league goals in 2020-21. He must also appoint a new manager.

This was Mason’s fourth win in seven of his most impressive performances. But whether that was enough to give the 29-year-old rookie a job remains to be seen.

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