Leigh Nicol Leaked Video: Aftermath Of The Scandal And Legal Issue

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During the spring of 2019, a breach of Leigh Nicol’s iCloud account led to the exposure of private content from as far back as 2014, a period when she was just 18 years old.

This personal material surfaced on adult websites, thrusting her into unwanted attention within the soccer community and beyond.

An unexpected message on Instagram from a man who had come across a compromising video of her rattled her.

Initially, she dismissed the possibility that it was her in the video, feeling unsettled but not fully convinced.

However, when the man shared the footage with her, she was suddenly gripped by a sense of shock.

Leigh Nicol Enjoying Her Holiday
Leigh Nicol Enjoying Her Holiday (Source: Instagram)

Years have passed since the incident, but Nicol continues to grapple with the repercussions.

Despite the challenges, the soccer player has eventually managed to find a sense of peace. This journey has demanded immense effort and patience. 

The trauma from the ordeal triggered periods of illness, depression, and significant weight loss.

Aftermath Of The Incident 

Nicol even took a year-long hiatus from the sport she cherished, effectively pausing her life.

She is now having fun, living her life to the fullest, and traveling the world. The experience has taken Leigh on an unexpected journey of awareness.

She collaborated closely with media attorney Matt Himsworth, who extended her a platform through his B5 consultancy firm.

This platform allowed her to visit clubs and share her story. The support she received boosted her confidence and led her to realize there was more she could do.

Her efforts have encompassed virtual discussions with both the New Zealand men’s and women’s cricket teams, engaging conversations with WSL academy teams, and primarily conducting in-person workshops within Premier League and EFL academies.

These days, her main role is to educate young individuals. Empowered by her experiences, Leigh is actively advocating for change.

Nicole Sued P*ornhub

In 2021, Leigh Nicol took legal action against the website P*rnhub due to the unauthorized release of explicit content involving her.

The midfielder was part of a group of individuals asserting that the website disseminated sexual videos without proper consent.

She was among the four women who jointly filed a comprehensive 179-page lawsuit against Mindgeek, P*rnhub’s parent company, in California on June 18.

Legal Document Again The Adult Site
Legal Document Again The Adult Site (Source: Instagram)

The explicit video featuring Nicol was eventually taken down by the site, but only after she had sent multiple emails to the platform and received automated, generic responses, as stated in the lawsuit.

Regardless, there hasn’t been any updates about the legal action, which can mean that the case may have been dismissed or is still in the process. 

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