Lil Jordan Humphrey Parents: Father Keith & Mother Chevette

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Lil Jordan Humphrey’s parents, Keith and Chevette Humphrey, are natives of Texas. The couple has four kids, with Lil Jordan being the youngest.

The Broncos wide receiver Lil Jordan isn’t little by any means. He might be the youngest in the family, but that is not why he is called Lil Jordan. There is another story behind it.

Lil Jordan Humphrey Pictured During HIs Time With The New England Patriots In 2022
Lil Jordan Humphrey Pictured During His Time With The New England Patriots In 2022 (Source: Instagram)

The 6’6 athlete joined the NFL in 2019 with the New Orleans Saints. But he never really settled into the team. In 2022, he was signed by Bill Belichick’s side, the New England Patriots.

He only appeared in six games for the Patriots before committing to the Broncos earlier this year. He has had 11 receptions for 93 receiving yards with two touchdowns, with the latest coming against the Lions. 

Lil Jordan Humphrey Parents: Meet Keith & Chevette

Lil Jordan Humphrey’s parents, Keith and Chevette Humphrey, always wanted their youngest son to be active in sports. In fact, his mother, Chevette, wanted him to become a basketball player.

Lil Jordan had also wanted to become a basketball player and probably wanted to become as famous as the man with whom he shares the name. But destiny had something else written for him.

It was Chevette who came up with the name Lil Jordan. LJ’s brother, Terry, wanted his brother to be named Michael Jordan, but Chevette didn’t want to copy the name exactly. So, she called her son Lil Jordan. 

In an interview with 247Sports, Chevette said, “We were trying to speak it into existence.” But Lil Jordan didn’t stay little. Chevette stands at 5’9, and her husband, Keith, at 6′, but the wide receiver grew up to be 6’6. 

Lil Jordan Humphrey's Parents, Keith And Chevette Humphrey, Played Key Role In His Development
Lil Jordan Humphrey’s Parents, Keith And Chevette Humphrey, Played A Key Role In His Development (Source: Instagram)

LJ’s love for football began from watching SportsCenter with his dad. The father-son duo would watch highlights of the games, and LJ would call out the direction the runner should cut before it would happen. 

His love for sports and athleticism made him want to train with his father at only nine. LJ and Terry would run two miles in the morning before completing an hour of P90X. 

Chevette goes by Queenc Humphrey on Facebook and has shared a few family pictures. Keith has shared snaps of his son training with his team and posted the news when his son joined the Denver Broncos.

He captioned the post, “Lol, same story,” showing frustration that Lil couldn’t nail down his position in one team. Later in the comments, Keith wrote, “Yeah, he gonna be alright. They preserve him till he hits his prime.”

Lil Jordan Humphrey Siblings 

The wide receiver is the youngest of four siblings. But his siblings have chosen to keep himself out of the public limelight. 

His brother, Terry Michael, who wanted Lil Jordan to be named after Michael Jordan, lives in Dallas, Texas. On his Facebook, Terry has shared several pictures of his family attending football games. 

But most of those pictures came when Lil Jordan was still playing for the University of Texas. Lil Jordan also has another brother named Devontae Humphrey-Wade. 

Lil Jordan Humphrey's Family, Including His Brothers, Pictured During Texas' Game In 2018
Lil Jordan Humphrey’s Family, Including His Brothers, Pictured During Texas’ Game In 2018 (Source: Facebook)

Devontae lives in Houston, Texas, and works as an Insurance Claims Adjuster. He also works as a property manager and previously worked as a store supervisor. 

Lil Jordan hasn’t shared many family pictures on his social media and has tried to keep his personal life out of the public spotlight.

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