Lina Lardi Wikipedia And Age: All About Piero Ferrari Mother

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Lina Lardi Wikipedia: Piero Ferrari was born in Italy to father, Enzo Ferrari, and mother, Lina Lardi. 

This article will delve into his father’s extramarital affair, their love journey, Piero’s ownership stake in Ferrari, and much more.

Italian Billionaire Businessman & Sport Personality Piero Ferrari
Italian Billionaire Businessman & Sport Personality Piero Ferrari (Source: Twitter)

Piero Ferrari is the son of Enzo Ferrari, the founder of the iconic Italian sports car manufacturer Ferrari.

Born on May 22, 1945, Ferrari has been involved with the company throughout his life, both as a family member and as a key figure in its management and direction.

Over the years, he has held various positions within the Ferrari company.

He became Vice Chairman of Ferrari in 1989 and has played an essential role in preserving the brand’s legacy and values while ensuring its growth and success in the modern automotive industry.

Piero Ferrari Mother: Lina Lardi Wikipedia And Age

Piero Ferrari was born to parents Enzo Ferrari (1898-1988) and his mistress Lina Lardi (1911-2006).

The relationship between Enzo and Lina Lardi blossomed in the late 1930s during their association with Carrozzerie Orlandi, a prominent coachbuilder company in Modena.

Their love endured, resulting in the birth of Piero on May 22, 1945.

Following his half-brother Dino’s passing, Enzo designated Piero as a primary heir, granting him a 10% ownership stake in the Ferrari company.

Piero Ferrari Father, Enzo Ferrari
Piero Ferrari Father, Enzo Ferrari (Source: Twitter)

The societal constraints of Italy, where divorce remained illegal until 1975, meant that Piero’s official recognition within the Ferrari family awaited the passing of Enzo’s estranged wife, Laura, in 1978.

Enzo Ferrari’s passing in 1988 saw Piero ascend to the position of vice chairman, further solidifying his influence within the company.

Consequently, by 1990, Piero took the decisive step of legally transitioning from Piero Lardi Ferrari to simply Piero Ferrari.

Today, he stands as a significant heir, with estimates placing his net worth around $1 billion.

Michael Mann’s Ferrari

Director Michael Mann delves into the intricate life of Enzo Ferrari, the illustrious founder of the iconic Italian sports car manufacturer.

Released on December 25, 2023, Mann’s compelling sports drama, “Ferrari,” unfolds against the backdrop of the summer of 1957.

The narrative delves deep into the complexities of Enzo Ferrari’s life and his enduring, yet tumultuous, 54-year marriage to Laura Garello, which lasted until her demise in 1978.

Poster Of Ferrari Movie
Poster Of Ferrari Movie (Source: IMDb)

The film shows the strains in their relationship, followed by the tragic loss of their 24-year-old son, Dino.

Furthermore, “Ferrari” sheds light on Enzo’s relationship with Lina Lardi.

Their affair culminated in the birth of Piero, who emerged as the prospective successor to the Ferrari legacy.

The film poignantly concludes with the fatal crash at the 1957 Mille Miglia.

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