Lineth Beerensteyn Partner: Who Is She Dating? Parents & Family

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As of 2023, the Dutch professional soccer player Lineth Beerensteyn does not have a partner and is not dating anyone. Moreover, the Juventus prodigy has no previous dating history, as she remains discreet about her past relationships.

Beerensteyn comes from an average middle-class family, which includes her parents: Kenneth, and her late mother, Linda, along with other siblings.

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The Dutch Professional Soccer Player, Lineth Beerensteyn
The Dutch Professional Soccer Player Lineth Beerensteyn (Source: Instagram)

Lineth Enid Fabienne Beerensteyn was born in Hague, Netherlands. She started playing soccer at the age of two with her older brothers.

Throughout her career, she played for DHC Delft and ADO Den Haag in her home country. The Dutch professional soccer player made her senior international debut in June 2016 against South Africa.

The 2017 UEFA Women’s Euro winner started her senior playing career with ADO DEN Haag in 2012. Later she played for FC Twente.

Moreover, the striker rose to fame once she joined Bayern Munich in 2017. Currently, Lineth plays for Serie A club Juventus.

Is Lineth Beerensteyn Dating Anyone?

Lineth Beerensteyn is not in a romantic relationship to date and does not have a partner. Moreover, she is not openly linked to anyone significant at the moment.

No sightings or online posts implying a romantic partner in her life have occurred. Lineth is very professional about her public image and does not disclose anything about her romantic life.

Moreover, Beerensteyn highlights her close ties with her family, demonstrating that she values these connections highly than romantic ones.

However, the soccer star enjoys spending time with her friends and family and is frequently seen doing so.

In addition to her professional sightings, she routinely posts photos of her escapades on Instagram, such as her off-day celebrations and her food hunt with fellow players during pre-season.

Lineth Beerensteyn Parents

Lineth Beerensteyn grew up in a middle-class family with other siblings. She was raised by her parents: her father, Kenneth, and her mother Linda.

The occupation of Lineth’s father, Kenneth Beerensteyn is unknown. However, Mr. Beerensteyn had a job that allowed him to provide for his family.

From the early days of training and youth soccer, her father has been there every step of the way. His belief in her abilities has instilled a deep sense of confidence in Beerensteyn.

Lineth Beerensteyn Pictured With Her Mother Linda
Lineth Beerensteyn Pictured With Her Mother Linda (Source: Instagram)

With her father’s unwavering support, Beerensteyn continued her journey with soccer and achieved greater feats.

The late mother of soccer star Linda is also from a sporting background. She was an athlete in her younger days, however, later served in a hospital that lasted for about 37 years.

After her retirement, Lineth’s mother worked as a self-employed caregiver for a private home care agency.

Lineth Beerensteyn Remembers Her Late Mother

The Dutch forward revealed the passing of her mother in October 2022. However, the cause of the death is not yet revealed.

On her Instagram handle, Lineth posted a photo holding hands with her late mother with a heart-wrenching caption.

My dearest, prettiest, strongest mother has left us way too soon. My heart is broken into a thousand pieces and will never be able to heal completely because there will always be a piece missing because that piece is her.” She shared the agonizing news.

Lineth Beerensteyn With Her Mother During Her Childhood Days
Lineth Beerensteyn With Her Mother During Her Childhood Days (Source: Instagram)

Beerensteyn is time and again seen posting pictures of her mom on her social media handles. In May, she took to Instagram to post a picture of Linda holding baby Lineth in her arms.

“I miss you every single day but today it feels like everything i do is just here to remind me I am living without you. Happy birthday in heaven my beautiful star. I miss you mama and love you.” Lineth remembered her mother.

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