Liverpool defeats the Wolves on their own ground

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Wolverhampton Wanderers lost the match with Liverpool club just because of the Liverpool forward Diogo Jota‘s single goal.

The Portuguese winger beat the team he used to play for before. 

The match between Liverpool and Wolverhampton Wanderer on Monday night becomes a special game for Jota. Diago Jota, on his return, scored the only goal to make Liverpool a winner.

Special game (Source Diogo Jota Official Twitter Handle)

Jota made the goal during the second minute of the first-half stoppage-time. Jota’s goal gave a chance to Liverpool club win the match over Wolverhampton who stood sixth on the table.

Wolves had sold Diago Jota to Liverpool club last summer for £41 million, nearly a $53 million fee.

The game becomes the second victory of the club in its last eight Premier League matches. After moving from Wolves to Liverpool club this summer, Jota has proved himself as a major part of Liverpool’s attack.

Jota offers Jurgen Klopp a long waiting attack option to rival Sadio Mane, Mohamed Salah, and Roberto Firmino.

According to Jota, they are in poor form, which they need to change, and today with an awesome game, they did a good job. Besides, he wishes the fans to be there and make the special game more special.

The goal meant a lot to the team Liverpool and also Jota himself. Being a striker, Jota always wanted to get involved in goals, and this opportunity again brings him back to the scoreboard he is proud of.

Diogo Jota is back to the game, and Liverpool looks good for this.

The Liverpool star returned to the game to haunt the Wolves on Monday night with all his spirit and successfully provided a win to his current Club, Liverpool keeping their hopes alive.

Jota’s goal gave the red team much needed boost.

The goal was the quality moment in a game that was not being considered important. Although Liverpool seemed a little confused during the first 45 minutes, they exploded into life during the first stoppage.

Jota gave the cutting edge to the team players, and it looks like Liverpool had missed him. And it looks like his tuning with the team and their requirement is accurate enough.

In the beginning, Mane had rounded Patricio during the first half, but he could not manage to force the ball in. Also, he had sent a diving header wide just before Jota’s struck.

The wolves started the game fine. Alisson saved Nelson Semedo‘s shot in the fifth minute, and Conor Coady, a former Liverpool defender, put an early second-half header wide.

But the goalkeeper of The Wolves got the head injury just as trying to stop Salah’s shot, Colliding with Coady left the field on a stretcher.

Wolves had their best chance of the opening 45 minutes just before break time, but all the efforts were missed, and they couldn’t score any goal. Only after a few times, the ball found its way to Jota because of his attack.

The first-ever victory on Premier League in three matches puts Liverpool on 46 points ahead of Everton based on the goal differences. At the same time, Chelsea, which is in the fourth position, leads Liverpool with five points.

Whereas Wolves remain winless in four matches and stays in the 13th position with just 35 points, but if this continues, Liverpool can be seen on the top four at the end.

Premier League official Twitter account has twitted on Liverpool’s performance like “Liverpool have only lost two of their last 100 #PL matches in which they’ve scored first (W48 D14)”. This shows Liverpool have managed to stay ahead and gave tough competition in every game they have participated in.

The Wolves keeper had to get carried out of the field.

The keeper of Wolves, Rui Patricio, had to get carried out of the field in the last minute of the match after Diogo Jota came back to haunt his old side with last kick of the first half.

Though Nuno Espirito Santo had pushed Hard for an equalizer, their efforts were useless.

Patricio and his teammate Conor Coady bumped into each other, and after the collision, Patricio got a serious head injury. He was carried out of the field on a stretcher after a round of treatment on the ground itself.

Wolve’s Keeper got injured

He remained lied on the ground with a concussion for several minutes. According to Wolves boss Nuno Espirito Santo, he got relieved after medical staff informed Patricio is stable now.

Also, Liverpool boss Jurgen Klopp was heavily concerned about Patricio’s well-being after the first half of the game got over.

Klopp added, it was an awful situation, and they defended well. The football moment was very good, and the goal was beautiful and expressed his happiness.

On the other hand, Wolve’s manager Espirito Santo also expressed his gratitude towards the positive spirit of the team and their effort.

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