Luke Joeckel Girlfriend: Who Is The Former NFL Player Dating?

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Former NFL offensive lineman Luke Joeckel’s dating life is on top of the internet trends, with fans wondering if he has a girlfriend. By all accounts, Luke is currently single and he is not dating anyone. 

As one of the well-renowned college football and NFL O-linemen, Luke’s life details, including dating life and girlfriend, are of fan interest.

The Texas native, who played for 4 years in the NFL, keeps his personal life private and is also not very prominent on social media.

Luke Joeckel-Former NFL Star
Luke Joeckel-Former NFL Star (Source: X)

Luke Joeckel was born in Texas on November 6, 1991. He attended his local Arlington High School, where he started his football life.

He was a multi-faceted high school athlete who also competed in track and field and discus throw.

After winning many admirers for his high school performances, he committed to Texas A&M University. Academically, his major in college was business.

In college, Joeckel was one of the team’s key members at Texas, with NFL Scouts praising his performances. After a fruitful collegiate career, he was picked as the No. 2 pick in the 2013 NFL Draft by the Jacksonville Jaguars.

While in the NFL, he played three seasons at Jacksonville and one season at Seattle for the Seahawks. Unfortunately, his NFL career turned out to be unimpressive due to poor performances and untimely injuries.

Luke Joeckel Girlfriend: Who Is The Former NFL Player Dating?

Luke Joeckel’s dating life and girlfriend have been of fan curiosity lately due to the former NFL star not revealing much publicly.

According to multiple reports, the former Jaguar O-lineman is single and is not dating anyone. Additionally, the 32-year-old is unmarried and remains focused on other things.

Luke Joeckel
Luke Joeckel (Source: The Fifth Down)

He also remains private on social media, and there are no blue ticked accounts on his name on Instagram or X.

Luke Joeckel Family Chronicles

It is evident that sports and football run throughout the Joeckel family DNA. Luke’s twin brother Matt was involved with football and played QB for Arlington. 

Luke's Brother Matt Joeckel
Luke’s Brother Matt Joeckel (Source: Dallas Morning News)

Similarly, his older brother David played offensive lineman on the DePauw Tigers Football Team. His grandfather, Reece Washington, also played as a tight end for Texas Tech.

On top of this, his father, David, played as an offensive lineman for Texas Tech in the early 80s. David has since left the sport and works as a Fort Worth trial lawyer.

Luke’s mother’s name is Reecanne Joeckel, and she supports her son at every step of his career.

In a 2013 interview after Luke was drafted, she stated they were a football family and that she was proud of Luke being drafted to the NFL. In the same interview, his father, David, reminisced about Luke’s childhood, saying he may have been a strict father.

“He was hard on us,” Joeckel added, stating his father was hard on him for not hustling and not being physically strong.

“Any guy that’s ever played with Luke, his competitiveness and nastiness is unmatched. Nobody works as hard as him. He wants to win at everything he does,” said twin brother Matt about Luke’s drive and determination.

The brothers also have a sister, Sarah Joeckel. Unsurprisingly, she was also an athlete in high school, playing volleyball at Texas Christian University. At TCU, she majored in movement science.

Sarah Joeckel
Sarah Joeckel (Source: TCU Athletics)

The Joeckels seem to be a supportive and fun-loving family with an unmatched love for sporting excellence.

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