Luxembourg 0-1 Scotland: Che Adams scored for Scotland

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The glittering Billy Gilmour cameo briefly illuminated the typical victory of the 10th of Luxembourg in the final Scottish preparatory game of Euro 2020 with a goal from Che Adams.

The 19-year-old midfielder has held the position for half the time. And he was impressed with the calmness. 

And skill in his second head before a tough challenge forced him to watch the final 15 minutes.

Che Adams blocked Scotland’s first game before Lyndon Dykes was sent off by Vahid Selimovic. On the edge of the box to find a Luxembourg defender in the 34th minute.

Nathan Patterson, 19, who plays right for the Rangers, made Scotland start the bench in the final half. As Steve Clarke‘s side failed to turn their heights into extra goals.

Scotland opens its first major tournament. Since 1998 against the Czech Republic in Hampden on 14 June.

As expected, Clarke has slammed his pack with seven changes since Tuesday’s 2-2 draw with the Netherlands.

Five of the six players missed the match, which is a precautionary measure. 

After John Fleck‘s fine test of Covid-19 were present from the start, including David Marshall‘s goal. And Adams won his previous fourth title.

The dispersal of Scottish fans was among the limited number of people in the Luxembourg stadium. 

And they were given a chance before the red card made this friendly match a work in progress.

The newcomer has always been searching for football.

The saving grace was Gilmour. Twice he caught the waltzed past a few defenders to get a shot at the target. 

The newcomer has always been searching for football and became the backbone of the Scottish play. Before a major shocking challenge from Olivier Thill severed his involvement.

The gap between world-class teams in Scotland is 52 places higher than Luxembourg in 96. Initially, they were not shown on the field.

Billy Gilmour has always been searching for football (Source: Glasgow Times)
Billy Gilmour has always been searching for football (Source: Glasgow Times)

The management, with Gerson Rodrigues, impressed down the right. He almost took the lead early when the corner fell to Selimovic. And Marshall had to step to his left.

The best Scottish players start hunting for Luxembourg’s uncertain defense, and Adams and Dykes are well connected. 

However, both will be disappointed not to add Adams’ opening amidst a host of opportunities.

Dykes’ hard touch prevented him from kicking the ball home as goalkeeper Anthony Moris walked past him inside the box. 

The striker has shown his air threat after a while, overseeing the whipping of Andrew Robertson.

Che Adams become the man of the match.

Adams found his contact incorrectly from another cross with the left-wing. 

Only a quick fix with a finishing touch under Moris to open the scoring after a good shot in the box. And a suspension from Dykes.

Another combination of Scottish leaders promoted a game-changer by 34 minutes. 

Although Adams let the Dykes hold on to the goal, Selimovic’s swearing left the referee with no choice but to show redness.

Clarke’s dismissal and his players could have done it without preparing well for the final.

With the new momentum provided by Gilmour, Scotland blocked the Luxembourg policy after the break to reduce their finish.

In an unusually quiet manner, John McGinn was shot and was rescued. And Gilmour struck hard, knocking out two men with one unusual movement of a hammer shot by Moris.

Che Adams become the man of the match (Source: Lenexworld)
Che Adams become the man of the match (Source: Lenexworld)

Adams thought he had doubled his number when he hit the net hard but was fined for a push.

Dykes was kicking himself after a header from a recent long post. And McTominay would follow to send a slick title as Scotland headed to the Euros with a narrow victory.

Gilmour did not have much time on the field.

Gilmour did not have much time on the field. But it was enough to prove that he could be thrown into the competitive action in the Euros.

Clarke has confirmed that the midfielder has fared well after his altercation with Thill. 

And there is now a case of the player with the cool head given the first chance.

Young Patterson also did not hurt his hopes. However, plundering the right side and sending crosses, his teammates had to do more.

The Luxembourg red card reduced the performance of this friendly match. 

But it provided more playing time for the Scottish players who needed it. And a clean win and sheet eliminate a few good warmth.

The Scotland striker Lyndon Dykes said: “We are disappointed that we did not get a few more. But at the end of the day, we have also won the game. So we are going to the Euros full of confidence.

“One day, it could have been 4-0 or 5-0. You have to take away the good. Che and I have done well together. We have a very big threat now.”

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