Manny Camacho Accident And Death: Former APU Football Player Obituary

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Manny Camacho, a former student of Azusa Pacific University, passed away on Monday. The cause of his death has been said to be a car accident. 

Camacho, 22, was a former football player and had recently graduated with a business degree. At a young age, Manny also established his business, as he showcased not only his business ideas but also his artistic talent. 

Camacho Graduated From APU Last Year In May
Camacho Graduated From APU Last Year In May (Source: Instagram)

Camacho’s parents have released a statement after his passing, saying they were heartbroken after learning about their eldest son’s tragic demise.

A religious man, Camacho believed in serving others. And just a few hours after sharing the news of their son’s demise, his parents shared a video of Manny serving the homeless. This is probably the way they want their son to be remembered. 

Manny Camacho Accident And Death

Manny Camacho, the young 22-year-old former student of Azusa Pacific University, tragically passed away in a car accident. 

Camacho’s parents, Carlos and M’Liss Silva, have a joint Facebook account and have shared a statement on their son’s demise. On January 9, the Facebook account CarlosM’Liss Silva shared a heartbreaking post.

For any parent to write about their child’s death is itself a curse, but Carlos and M’Liss Silva wanted to give a short tribute to their child.

The post read, “It is with such a heavy heart this family lost our son yesterday in a sudden tragic accident.”

“He made us proud, destroyed generational curses, and finished his race. He persevered despite all…that was him- that was Manny in one word, DETERMINED.”

Camacho Pictured With His Family After The Graduation Ceremony
Camacho Pictured With His Family After The Graduation Ceremony (Source: Facebook)

The Camacho family has organized a GoFundMe fundraiser for funeral expenses. Manny’s aunts, Jessica Vargas and Yolanda Camacho, have shared the fundraiser posts on their respective Facebook handles.

The fundraiser has set a goal of $20,000, and $7.6k has been raised. Several of Manny’s friends have shared their tributes on his Instagram posts.

A former football player, Manny always wanted to focus on his fitness. Most of his Instagram posts are of him training in the gym, with his last Instagram post showing his gym routine. 

Manny also has a younger brother named Marcos Camacho, for whom he shared a sweet post on his birthday in 2020. Marcos lives in Colton, California, and graduated from Grand Terrace High School in 2021.

Manny And His Entrepreneurial Dreams

Manny Camacho graduated from Azusa Pacific University last year in May. It made him the first person in his family to graduate from college. 

In one of his interviews, Manny talked about his aspirations of establishing his business. In fact, the youngster had already started a business during the pandemic.

His company, Camacho’s Customs, made one-of-a-kind design shoes. You can see some of his work on the company’s Instagram page. 

The Youngster Established His Business During The Pandemic
The Youngster Established His Business During The Pandemic (Source: Instagram)

In his interview with Azusa’s website, Camacho said, at the beginning, he was only doing commissions for his close friends and family. But soon, with word of mouth, he slowly expanded his business. 

His designs included cartoon characters like Scooby Doo, sports team colors, album covers, and logos. The question remains unanswered whether anyone from his family will continue the business. 

During his interview, Manny also talked about the influence of his faith on him. Camacho said he and his mother were reintroduced to church when he was 14. The youngster said it influenced every decision he made in his life. 

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