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The legendary Marilyn Bodogh is a Curling Hall of Famer. She has had a prosperous career, which includes two World Curling Championships and two Tournament of Hearts under her many accomplishments. 

Furthermore, to add to Marilyns’ accomplishments, She was a political candidate. Marilyn Bodogh ran a campaign for the mayor of St.Catharines, Ontario, in the 2006 municipal election.

She is also a sports commentator. With, soo many experiences she has gathered in different fields, her resume must look very colorful.

Marilyn Bodogh has lived a long and prosperous life, from a florist to a political candidate. This Curling legend was a force to be reckoned with in her golden days, winning hearts and Championships.

Marilyn Bodogh
Marilyn Bodogh

Before getting into details about the athlete turned sports commentator’s life and career, here are some quick facts about her. 

Quick Facts | Marilyn Bodogh

Full Name Marilyn C. Bodogh( Marilyn Darte)
Birth Date March 9, 1955
Birth Place Toronto, Canada
Religion Christian
Nationality Canadian
Ethnicity Caucasian
Education Dennis Moris High School
Horoscope Pisces
Sibling Christine Bodogh (Christine Jurgenson)
Age 69 years old
Height 5’10”
Hair Color Blonde
Eye Color Blue
Profession Athlete, Commentator, Political Candidate
Active Years 30+ years
Marital Status Married
Spouse Neil Darte
Net Worth $1- $5 million
Wikipedia Marilyn Bodogh
Last Update July, 2024

About Marilyn Bodogh

Marilyn is an athlete, commentator, and political candidate. Out of all these, she is best known for her accomplishments in Curling. Bodogh is a Canadian, her ethnicity is caucasian, and she is a Christian.

She has blond hair, blue eyes. And a lovely smile.

Marilyn has a sister who is also a well-accomplished Curling athlete like Bodogh. She is a Pisces by horoscope. She has been active in the Curling sports industry for 30+ years, directly or indirectly.

 Marilyn Bodogh | Early Life And Family

Marilyn C. Bodogh was born on March 9, 1955, in Toronto, Canada. Her parents are Catherine and Frank Bodogh. They moved to St. Catharines when Marilyn was only nine years old.

She grew up in a huge family with a lot of siblings. The athlete is particularly close to her sister Christine Bodogh both of whom share a mutual love for curling sports.

Marilyn Bodogh once said, and I quote,

My dad didn’t coach us, but he watched us. The only thing he told us was to be the same when you win as when you lose.”

The former politician lost her beloved father in 2002 and her mother in 2016. Catherine’s obituary can be found at George Darte Funeral Home’s online page. 

Furthermore, she recently lost her brother Bernard Bodogh in 2021 who was well known for his golf skills. Several people have left heartfelt messages just below his obituary.

Marilyn Bodogh
Marilyn Bodogh Family

Besides that, Marilyn and Christine are both World Curling Champions. Their love for the same sports must have inspired a strong sibling rivalry among these two sisters.

This competitiveness between the two sisters, the desire to be the best player between the two of them is the reason behind their successful career.


During her years in Dennis Moris Highschool, Marilyn, her sister Christen, Holly, and Heather were the Ontario Junior Curling Champions for four consecutive years from 1968-1972.

Marilyn, at the age of 22, worked as a florist in her flower shop. Before this, she used to work for her family’s lumber company.

In the later years, Marilyn became the co-owner of the George Darte Funeral Home.

 Marilyn Bodogh
 Marilyn Bodogh

Despite her other professions, it did not affect her career as an athlete. Marilyn took every opportunity she got to represent her hometown and her country as a Curling athlete. And she conquered the competition with her formidable skills.

So, What is Curling, you say?

Nicknamed ‘The Roaring game,’ Curling is a sport where players slide a 44 pound(19.96 KG) granite stone on ice towards a four concentric circle target.

It is labeled ‘The Roaring game’ because of the rumbling sound the stone makes sliding on ice.

Each team consists of four players named the lead, second, third, and skip.

Marilyn Bodogh | Career

Bodogh, along with her sister, played Curling from a young age. During her long career, Marilyn has had many accomplishments under her belt.

In 1980, Marilyn played for Ontario in the Canadian Ladies Curling Championship and the Tournament of Hearts. Again, in 1986 she returned to the ‘Tournament of Hearts’ as a skip and won the competition.

The same year, she defeated Andrea Schopp of Germany in the World Curling Championship, making her team the champions.

She was 36 years old when She became the World Curling Champion.

In 1987, Marilyn returned to the ‘Tournaments of Hearts,’ but they could not get the same momentum this time. And the next year yielded the same results for Marilyn. After failing to achieve victory for two years

Skipping a few years, At the age of 41, Marilyn returned to the Hearts tournament this time; she defeated Cheryl Kullman of Alberta in the finals.

Aside from that, Marilyn pulled off her second victory against Lisa Schoeneberg of the United States in the World Championship finals. She represented her national team, Team Canada. 

Furthermore, she represented the Ontario team in the Scotties Tournament of Hearts in 1997 as well. However, she could not win the tournament.

Nevertheless, she has won four gold medals and a bronze medal altogether in the team category. 

Following the end of her curling career, Marilyn became a commentator for the Rogers Sportsnet and Rogers TV. Besides that, she has also acted as a journalist. 

Marilyn Bodogh | Career As A Political candidate

Bodogh ran a campaign for Mayor in St. Catharines in the 2006 municipal election placing third in the race of 8. She was able to secure 4412 votes, which was 11.59% of the total ballots.

She has been a role model for many women around the world. If she had won the election, the commentator would have inspired more ladies from around the world.

Marilyn Bodogh | Net worth and Salary 

Marilyn’s net worth is not yet clear but is estimated to be around $1 million to $5 million. Her salary is a mystery as there is has been no inquiry regarding her salary.

Marilyn Bodogh | Social Media Presence

There is no social media account that belongs to Marilyn Bodogh (At least not that we know of.)

You can however refer to her hashtags on Instagram and Twitter.

Marilyn Bodogh

Marilyn Bodogh | Age and Height

Marilyn was born in 1955, which makes her 66 years young as of 2020. She has lived a long life and will continue to leave a happy retired life with her family.

The information about her height is not available but judging from the pictures, I’d say she is about 5’10”.

Marilyn Bodogh | Personal Life and Husband

Bodogh did adopt her husband’s name, ‘Darte,’ for some time, but she did change it back to Bodogh. Through her marriage, She was the co-owner of the George Darte Funeral Home.

It is hard to say who her husband is, but we will keep you updated once we get enough information.

Marilyn Bodogh | Horoscope

Bodogh is a Pisces according to her horoscope chart. Pisces are known to be deeply empathetic. And they make sure to make everyone around them happy.

Compassionate, Selfless are the traits, Marilyn, as a Pisces posses.

Marilyn Bodogh
Marilyn Bodogh posing with Scotties Tournament of Hearts award

Marilyn Bodogh | Some Common Queries

How old is Marilyn Bodogh?

The athlete was born on March 9, 1955, and is 66 years old as of now.

Where is Marilyn currently residing?

Marilyn lives in St.Catharines, Ontario. She even ran for the Mayor’s office in 2006. Bodogh moved to St.Catharines, Ontario, when she was 9 years old and is still living there alive and well.

How many trophies has she won?

Marilyn and her sister Christine Bodogh were the Ontario Junior Curling Champions for four consecutive years from 1968-1972.

She has won two ‘Tournament of Heart’ in 1986 and 1996. And two World Curling Championships the same year.

How many years has Marilyn Bodogh been active?

Out of all the years, she has been alive, Marilyn has been active for more than half her life in the work field; to put it into numbers, it has been over 30 years. Marilyn took up Curling sports from a young age.

Which curling team was Marilyn Bodogh in?

Marilyn Bodogh played and won for Canada at World Curling Championships. Similarly, she represented and won for Ontario at the Scott Tournament of Heart. She also played for the St. Catharines Golf & Country Club.


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