Markelle Fultz Sister: Meet Shauntese Fultz- Age Gap

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Shauntese Fultz is indeed Markelle Fultz sister; together, they share a lovely bond.

The Fultz siblings were born to their mother, Ebony, in Maryland, where they both had a difficult childhood.

Moreover, Shauntese Fultz stands as a pillar of support for his sister, Markelle.

Markelle Fultz on his way to basket
Markelle Fultz On Is Way To Basket (Source:

Markelle Fultz, born May 29, 1998, is an American professional basketball player for the Orlando Magic in the NBA.

After graduating from DeMatha Catholic, he committed to the University of Washington in 2015.

In 2017, the Philadelphia 76ers selected him as the first overall pick in the NBA draft, raising high expectations for their young core. However, a shoulder injury hampered his performance, leading to doubts about his potential.

He later joined the Orlando Magic in 2019, where he made his return to the court after his recovery. He battled injury setbacks but made a triumphant return in 2022, recording career highs.

As of now, Markelle Fultz continues to play for the Orlando Magic, demonstrating his resilience and determination to overcome challenges and make a mark in the NBA.

Shauntese Fultz: Markelle Fultz Sister

Shauntese Fultz, born in Maryland to her mother, Ebony Fultz, is the elder sister of the NBA athlete Markelle Fultz.

Although the date of birth of Shauntese is unknown, she is assumed to be 5-6 years older than her younger brother, Markelle.

Born in Prince George’s County, Maryland, Markelle Fultz and his sister Shauntese Fultz grew up in a challenging family situation.

Their father abandoned them when they were very little, and were raised by their single mother.

Markelle Fultz poses for a picture
Markelle Fultz Poses For A Picture(Source: Instagram)

With their father out of the picture, the Fultz siblings and their mother became the strength of one another.

Moreover, Shauntese has supported her brother and played a big role in shaping her brother’s NBA career.

Markelle Fultz: A Journey of Redemption

Labeled a bust and traded out of Philadelphia by the age of 20, he’s now on a remarkable path to redemption with the Orlando Magic.

Fultz’s story is one of resilience, determination, and unwavering self-belief. He said, “At times, the weight of expectations and struggles felt unbearable.”

Fultz’s shoulder injury, shrouded in mystery, drastically altered his shooting form and subjected him to ridicule from all corners of the NBA.

Markelle Fultz midair aiming for the basket
Markelle Fultz Midair Aiming For The Basket(Source: Instagram)

Many questioned his desire and integrity, branding him a bust and selfish. Fultz was just 19, yet he faced immense scrutiny and doubt.

Nevertheless, he refused to give in to despair. Guided by the wisdom instilled by his mother, Ebony, Fultz continued to fight.

The support from his mother and sister, Shauntese, provided a lifeline during those dark times.

Fultz’s strength and determination shone even brighter during his rehabilitation and recovery.

He didn’t change his shot; he changed his mindset and rebuilt his body. After being traded to the Orlando Magic, Fultz embraced the opportunity for a fresh start.

He found a supportive environment and teammates who recognized his potential. This season, he’s proving his worth with career-high statistics and strong performances.

His journey continues to inspire and remind everyone that, no matter the setbacks, one can always find their way back to success.


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