Marshawn Lynch Brother Davonte And David- Age Gap And Family

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Former NFL star Marshawn Lynch has two brothers, Davonte and David. The Lynch brothers share a close bond and are constantly in contact with each other.

Marshawn Lynch grew up in Oakland, California, with his brothers and a sister named Marreesha Lynch. The Lynch siblings were raised by their mother. 

Read the article till the end to learn about Marshawn’s brothers, family, and more. 

Marshawn Lynch
Marshawn Lynch (Source: Instagram)

Marshawn Terrell Lynch is a former professional football player born on April 22, 1986. He played for 12 seasons as a running back for various teams in the NFL.

Nicknamed “Beast Mode,” the player spent the majority of his career with the Seattle Seahawks. He was also involved with Buffalo Bills and Oakland Raiders. The NFL star played collegiate football with the California Golden Bears.

Lynch was selected by the Buffalo Bills in the first round of the 2007 NFL Draft as the 12th overall pick. 

Marshawn Lynch Brother: Davonte and David

David Lynch is the older brother of Marshawn. As their father was not around much, David was Marshawn’s protector and guide around Oakland.

David and Marshawn are six years apart. The older brother was very supportive of his brother’s football career, and he often cheered for Marshawn during his games.

Marshawn Lynch Brother Davonte Also Plays Football

Marshawn has a younger brother named Davonte Sapp-Lynch, who is seven years his junior. Davonte is the youngest of the Lynch brothers. 

Davonte has chosen a similar career path as his older brother. Although not nearly as big as Marshawn, he also runs the football in Beast Mode.

Davonte Sapp-Lynch For Vegas Knight Hawks
Davonte Sapp-Lynch In Vegas Knight Hawks Jersey (Source: Vegas Knight Hawks)

Davonte is currently playing football in the Indoor Football League (IFL) with Vegas Knight Hawks. He was a junior college standout at the University of New Mexico Highlands. 

Davonte went on to have tryouts with the Canadian Football League’s BC Lions and the NFL’s Oakland Raiders and San Francisco 49ers before playing professionally in Germany.

A versatile 5-foot-8 running back, Davonte played his rookie IFL season in 2019. He had a brief spell with the IFL’s Nebraska Danger before signing with the Oakland Panthers.

Interestingly, Davonte was one of the first players the Panthers signed. The team was co-owned by his brother, Marshawn Lynch. 

In 2020, the player signed with the Spokane Shock, which got kicked out of the Indoor Football League in 2022. Then, the San Diego Strike Force signed Davonte in the 2022 Indoor Football League IFL roster.

However, he transferred to Vegas Knight Hawks later in 2022.

Marshawn Lynch Family

Seahawks legend Marshawn was born to parents Delisa Lynch and Maurice Sapp. His mother, Delisa, raised Marshawn on her own since her separation from Sapp in the early 1990s.

Delisa worked two jobs while managing to take Marshawn to practice. He has scrawled a “Mama’s Boy” tattoo across his back as his mom was an inspiration.

Marshawn Lynch With Family At The Opening Of His Store
Marshawn Lynch With Family At The Opening Of His Store (Source: The Seattle Times)

However, Lynch’s dad, Maurice, is serving a 24-year sentence for burglary. Although he tried to be close to his kids, there was never a deep connection. 

Other than the parents and his brothers, Marshawn has a little sister in the family. Marreesha “Lemon” Lynch runs one of Marshawn’s stores, Beastmode, at Town Square in Las Vegas.

She is close to her star brother and even helped Marshawn set up his first Beastmode store in Oakland. The loving brother, Marshawn, has a tattoo that reads “Lemon” on top of his hand. 

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