Martina Trevisan Parents: Father Claudio Trevisan And Mother Monica

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Martina Trevisan parents, Claudio and Monica, separated when the Italian tennis player was young. Her parents’ separation and other family problems left a deep mark on her, and her playing career.

When you are touted as the next big thing in any field at a young age, you carry a tremendous amount of pressure every day. And the same thing happened to Martina leading her to quit tennis for a certain time.

Martina Trevisan Pictured Kissing Her First Maiden Title In May 2022
Martina Trevisan Pictured Kissing Her First Maiden Title In May 2022 (Source: Instagram)

But the Italian player returned to the tennis court after four years break and has since not looked back. Earlier this year, Trevisan broke into the top 20 for the first time. 

And though she has improved her ranking, Martina is yet to win a single title this year. Recently, she was knocked out by Jessica Pegula from the Cincinnati Masters, the same person who got the best of her in the Madrid Open. 

Martina Trevisan Parents, Claudio Trevisan, And Monica

Martina Trevisan’s parents Claudio Trevisan, and Monica, were both related to the sporting world. Claudio was a soccer player, and Monica, is a tennis coach.

The Italian tennis star grew up on the Perignano Tennis Club tennis court, where her mother taught several youngsters. By the time Martina was four, she had already become the undisputed player of Perignano.

But there came a moment in Martina’s life when she completely stopped playing tennis. The young tennis star and her family problem had taken a toll on her physical and mental health. 

Martina Trevisan's Mother, Monica Pictured With Her Partner And Her Pet Dog In 2021
Martina Trevisan’s Mother, Monica, Pictured With Her Partner And Her Pet Dog In 2021 (Source: Instagram)

Her parents had separated, and her father had been diagnosed with degenerative disease. This, with constant pressure to perform well, had put Martina’s life into misery. So, she decided to take a four years break from tennis. 

The tennis player began taking help from a psychologist and began going to an anorexia treatment center, which helped her immensely return to tennis after four years. 

Before she decided to seek help for anorexia, Martina had reached a point where she would go into life-threatening diets. She would eat only 30 grams of cereal and fruit as she loathed her muscular frame. 

In a blog post, Martina shared her mother was alarmed looking at her figure and would rush to pick up peaches from the trees. Monica is available on Instagram and moved on with her new partner in 2014. 

The proud mother of three has shared childhood photos of Martina with her tennis achievements on her Instagram handle. 

Martina’s Father, Claudio Trevisan, Passed Away In 2022

Born on July 27, 1947, Claudio Trevisan was born and raised in Cervignano, Italy. A former soccer player, Claudio played as an attacker. 

He began his soccer career in 1968 with the Italian club Imperia before moving to Pontedera. In 1970, Claudio won the Serie B championship and also played with Sambenedettese in the league. 

Martina Trevisan Shares A Picture of Her Dad After He Passed Away In November 2022
Martina Trevisan Shares A Picture of Her Dad After He Passed Away In November 2022 (Source: Instagram)

He also played with Serie C1 and C2 teams like Montevarchi, Cosenza, Fano, and Modena and won the championship with Montevarchi.

Claudio passed away on November 18, 2022, at age 75, after a long battle with a degenerative disease. On November 22, Martina shared an emotional post commemorating her father’s demise as she shared a series of photos. 

Martina Trevisan Brother, Matteo, Is A Former Tennis Prodigy

Martina isn’t the only sibling in her family who shares a passion for tennis, her brother, Matteo, is also a tennis player.

Four years older than Martina, Matteo was ranked world No. 1 as a junior player in 2007. The same year he won Junior Wimbledon doubles title with his tennis partner, Daniel Alejandro Lopez.

But Matteo couldn’t continue building the same success at a senior level as his tennis career fizzled out. His career-high ranking came in 2010 when he achieved a rank of 267. 

Matteo Trevisan Pictured With His Wife, And Their Daughter In A Family Photo Shared In 2018
Matteo Trevisan Pictured With His Wife, And Their Daughter In A Family Photo Shared In 2018 (Source: Instagram)

Matteo played his last tennis match in 2017 and has since moved on to become a tennis coach. In an interview, Matteo touched on the topic of how his career came crumbling down after a change in management. 

The former tennis starlet said he didn’t want to blame anyone and said he was happy where he was now and said things could’ve been different, but life goes on.

Matteo is on Instagram with the username @matteo___trevisan and has a beautiful family with his wife and baby girl. 

Matteo and Martina also have an older sister, Claudia Trevisan, who remains away from the public limelight. 

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