Marv Levy Wife Mary Frances: Retired Life And Kids

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Marv Levy and his wife, Mary Frances, have been happily married since February 1993.

Marv Levy, the former NFL head coach, and his wife, Mary, have been there for each other through all of life’s ups and downs from the very start.

Let’s learn more about Marv Levy’s life journey with Mary Frances.

Hall of Fame Head Coach Marv Levy
Hall of Fame Head Coach Marv Levy (Source: NFL)

Marv Levy, born August 3, 1925, is an American NFL coach with 17 seasons as a head coach and executive.

Levy is particularly renowned for his role in leading the Buffalo Bills to four consecutive Super Bowl appearances from 1990 to 1993, an achievement that has never been matched in NFL history.

However, didn’t win any Super Bowls, leading to some unfairly remembering Levy as the coach who lost four in a row.

In reality, guiding the team to four straight Super Bowl appearances is a remarkable feat in itself.

Moreover, Marv had a lengthy coaching career with the Kansas City Chiefs and the Chicago Blitz in the USFL.

He was praised for his smarts, leadership, and inspirational speeches, earning him the nickname “Marv-Elous.”

Levy made a significant impact in football and with the Buffalo Bills, earning great respect in the football world.

Despite not winning a Super Bowl, his coaching legacy still showcases his skill and the teams’ determination he guided.

Marv Levy Wife: Who Is Mary Frances?

Mary Frances Kozlowski, lovingly known as Mary Frances Levy after marrying Marv Levy in February 1993, has quite a life story.

She hails from Chicago, Illinois, and her journey began at Thomas Kelly High School, where she graduated in 1962.

Her career path was a blend of dedication and adventure. Right after high school, she became a secretary at Harris Trust & Savings Bank, marking the start of her work life.

Marv Levy And His Wife Mary Frances
Marv Levy And His Wife, Mary Frances (Source: Buffalo News)

Later, from 1979 to 1989, she worked at G. D. Searle & Co. Her most significant move, however, was her relocation to Buffalo, New York, where she became the cherished wife of Marv Levy, the former head coach of the Buffalo Bills.

The love story between Mary Frances and Marv has spanned decades, and she’s now a vital part of football history alongside her husband.

Prior to Frances, Marv first tied the knot with Dorothy Prout in 1951, but they eventually divorced.

Their Kids

Marv Levy and his wife, Mary Frances, have shared a happy and lasting marriage for more than 30 years.

Mary has been Marv’s partner from the start and a devoted, nurturing mother as well.

Marv Levy and his current wife share a daughter named Kimberly Alexopoulos.

Marv Levy With His Family
Marv Levy With His Family (Source: Buffalo News)

Although Kimberly isn’t Marv Levy’s biological child, he wholeheartedly accepted her as his own when he married Mary.

Moreover, Mary and Marv also cherish two grandchildren, Angela and Gregory Alexopoulos.

As of now, the Levy couple, along with their daughter and their grandkids, lives a blissful life in Chicago. 

Marv Levy Retired Life

Marv Levy’s post-retirement journey was impressive, becoming an NFL analyst and entering the Hall of Fame in 2001.

He teamed up with former Bills player Steve Tasker to broadcast the Bills’ pre-season games from 1998.

Then, in 2006, he became the Buffalo Bills’ general manager at the request of owner Ralph Wilson.

Initially, there was confusion about him returning to coaching, but it was made clear that he would only be the general manager.

His first task as general manager was to hire a new coach, and he chose Dick Jauron to replace Mike Mularkey.

Former Buffalo Bills Head Coach Marv Levy
Former Buffalo Bills Head Coach Marv Levy (Source: Buffalo News)

After two years, Marv returned to Chicago and mentored Alouettes’ coach Marc Trestman.

He was willing to coach if asked but had been distant from professional football in recent years.

Furthermore, he wrote books on Buffalo Bills and a novel called “Between the Lies.”

Marv Levy, a lifelong Cubs fan, attended both the 1945 and 2016 World Series.

He helped honor WWII veterans at Super Bowl LIV in 2020 and joined the Canadian Football Hall of Fame in 2021.

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