Matt House Wife Jessi House And Kids: LSU Fired The Coach

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After being fired from the LSU Tigers, Matt House’s wife, Jessi House, is standing as a firm pillar of support for her husband.

They have four children together; he loves them all more than his work.

Matt House On The Field WIth His Players
Matt House On The Field With His Players (Source: TownNews)

Matt House is a football coach recently fired as the defensive coordinator for the LSU Tigers. He was born in the serene town of Harrison, Michigan.

Houses began his coaching career after his life came about a full circle. His alma mater, Michigan State University, selected him as a coach.

This was back in 2001, the subsequent year he went on to work at the University of North Carolina. He served as an assistant defensive coach for two seasons.

Furthermore, in 2019, he created history with the Chiefs by defeating the San Francisco 49ers to win the Super Bowl. 

However, his career has not always been sunshine and rainbows. He had made himself present in the 2020 Super Bowl before the team’s loss to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

Matt House Wife, Jessi House And Kids

Matt House has been married to his wife, Jessi, for several years. The couple has four children: a daughter, Avery, and three sons, Jackson, Jacob, and Trent.

Jessi has always been supportive of her husband’s endeavors, despite the ups and downs he has faced.

She mentions that House is family-oriented and typically does not bring work home.

One of their sons, Jackson, is a football player, which means he often has queries from both his coach and his father.

To manage this, Jessi says they’ve resorted to writing with markers all over the window panes, where they can often be found drawing plays.

Jessi notes that House stands apart from other men who might prefer playing golf or engaging in other activities during their time off.

Matt House Along With His Wife Jessi And Kids
Matt House Along With His Wife Jessi And Kids (Source: Twitter)

Moreover, House consistently prioritizes spending time with his children. Even when he’s exhausted after returning home, he tries to be with them instead of heading straight to bed.

In addition, Jackson House is a sophomore quarterback at Eastern Kentucky University. He attended Dunham School, where he played high school football.

Jackson led the Tigers to the LHSAA State Football Prep Classic Division III championship game and was honored with the Frank Fontana Award in 2021.

Furthermore, he played a pivotal role in helping St. James Academy secure the Class 4A state title.

The Tigers Have Fired Him 

On January 3, 2024, LSU announced the departure of defensive coordinator Matt House, along with three other members of its defensive coaching staff.

According to reports, the decision stemmed from the team’s defensive performance during the 2023 season.

Under House’s leadership, LSU allowed an average of 28 points per game and ranked 82nd in scoring defense.

Despite achieving a 10-3 overall record, the defense struggled in crucial games, conceding at least 42 points in all three losses, including a 55-49 defeat against Ole Miss.

Matt House In One Of His Backyard Plays
Matt House In One Of His Backyard Plays (Source: LsusSports)

LSU head coach Brian Kelly expressed gratitude for the contributions of the departing coaches. He also indicated that the decisions made would benefit both the football team and its student-athletes.

House, who joined LSU’s coaching staff in 2021, previously trained linebackers for the Kansas City Chiefs, where he won a Super Bowl.

Because of the coaching changes, LSU will have new offensive and defensive coordinators for the upcoming 2024 season.

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