Max Klesmit Brother Cal Klesmit: Age Gap And Family Tree

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Max and Cal Klesmit, brothers with a shared love for basketball, bring a dynamic energy to the court and joy to their family’s sports-filled adventures.

Max Klesmit, a standout player for the University of Wisconsin men’s basketball team, showcases his tenacious defense and scoring prowess on the court.

Meanwhile, Cal Klesmit, his younger brother, is making waves with his high school achievements and recent basketball pursuits, adding a new chapter to the Klesmit legacy.

Together, their basketball journey paints a vibrant picture of sibling excellence and shared passion.

Wisconsin Badgers Guard, Max Klesmit
Wisconsin Badgers Guard, Max Klesmit (Source: Instagram)

Max Klesmit, born on June 9, 2002, is a basketball standout from Neenah, Wisconsin.

He started his impressive journey at Neenah High School, earning accolades like Fox Valley Association Player of the Year.

Transitioning to college, he joined Wofford and was named to the Southern Conference All-Freshman Team.

His sophomore season was marked by excellence, earning Third Team All-Southern Conference honors.

Max then took his skills to the University of Wisconsin, becoming a key player in his junior year and contributing to a championship win against SMU.

Max Klesmit Brother, Cal Klesmit

Cal Klesmit, the younger brother of basketball standout Max Klesmit, has been making headlines in the basketball scene, showcasing his talent and determination.

Before his journey at Northern Michigan University (NMU), Cal accumulated impressive achievements during his high school days at Neenah.

Born on October 4, 2004, in Neenah, Wisconsin, Cal earned notable recognitions, including WBCA D1 Honorable Mention All-State and AP 4th Team All-State.

Cal Klesmit, Younger Brother Of Max Klesmit
Cal Klesmit, Younger Brother Of Max Klesmit (Source: Instagram)

However, Cal’s basketball journey took an unexpected turn when he decommitted from the University of Wisconsin-Green Bay, signaling a new chapter in his career.

While the exact reasons behind his decommitment remain unclear, Cal expressed excitement about exploring new opportunities and emphasized that his recruitment is now wide open.

Despite the change in plans, Cal’s exceptional senior season, averaging 18.4 points, 5.7 rebounds, and 4.7 assists, showcases his remarkable skills on the court.

With the support of his family, including his brother Max, Cal’s journey continues to unfold, promising exciting opportunities and achievements in the basketball world.

Klesmit Brothers Age Gap & Family Tree

Max and Cal Klesmit, the dynamic basketball duo, share an incredible bond not just in the game but within the heart of their family.

Despite a two-year age gap, the Klesmit brothers’ shared passion for the game transcends their differences.

Meanwhile, the Klesmit sister, Rowan, adds her mark to the family’s basketball saga as a freshman guard at Neenah High School.

Juggling the schedules of three siblings might sound challenging, but for parents Kelly and Rich Klesmit, it’s a joyous adventure.

The Klesmit Family, Including Parents Rich And Kelly, And Siblings Rowan, Cal, And Max, With The WIAA State Championship Trophy
The Klesmit Family, Including Parents Rich And Kelly And Siblings Rowan, Cal, And Max, With The WIAA State Championship Trophy (Source: BadgerExtra)

Since Kelly and Rich are the real MVPs cheering from the sidelines, they are the awesome parents.

As Max emerges as a rising star with the Wisconsin Badgers, Kelly and Rich stand as the unwavering support pillars for all their children.

In unmatched dedication, the Klesmit parents drove miles to be by Max’s side during a crucial game setback.

Cal, a senior guard at Neenah, takes the spotlight with his impending journey to UW-Green Bay, contributing to the family’s basketball legacy.

Meanwhile, Rowan Klesmit, the freshman guard on Neenah’s varsity roster, contributes her chapter to the narrative.

Kelly and Rich, both proud Neenah graduates, enjoy every second of their kids’ basketball journey.

Despite the challenges of coordinating schedules and traversing different game locations, their unwavering support remains the backbone of the Klesmit basketball empire.

As Max and Cal navigate different courts, the Klesmit family stays united, proving that the challenges are worthwhile in pursuing their basketball dreams.

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