Meet Brett Baty Sister Lauren Baty- Age Gap And Family Tree

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Fans are also curious about Brett’s sister, Lauren, who is mostly spotted during his MLB matches.

Brett is a rising baseball star and has been powered by his supportive athletic parents to strive for a successful baseball career.

The Baty family was also present during Brett’s 2012 MLB Draft by the New York Mets to support him and celebrate.

Brett Baty, MLB Player
Brett Baty, MLB Player (Source: Amazin’ Avenue)

Even the reaction of the Brett sister, Lauren, got immensely viral during Brett’s first career home run with the Mets.

Lauren was seen saying, “No fuck*ng way,” which was a happy cry reaction from her to express her undistributed happiness.

Sister Of Brett

He grew up in a close-knit family of four, including his sister, Lauren Baty, in Spicewood, Texas, United States.

Lauren has always been a supportive sister for Brett but has pursued a different path professionally.

She graduated from the University of Mary Hardin-Baylor with a BSC. in psychology.

Sister Of Brett
Sister Of Brett (Source: mySA)

After that, she went to a doctorate from the University of St. Augustine in Health Sciences.

Lauren has also worked for the VIP Kid institutes as an English teacher since 2019 for four years.

Also simultaneously went for a Doctoral Capstone Experience internship for trauma-generated educational workshops.

Although we have no information regarding her dating life or are unsure about if she has any kids.

Parents Of Brett

Brett was born on November 13, 1999, to his supportive parents, Clint Baty and Leslie Baty.

His father, Clint, was a basketball coach who taught Brett much about sports skills and sportsmanship.

He has coached at the Lake Travis High School in Texas, where Brett played basketball as a high school player.

His mother was an elementary school principal who always supported her son’s baseball dream.

Brett & Anna Sprys
Brett & Anna Sprys (Source: Instagram)

Brett is dating Anna Sprys, a collegiate volleyball player who ends at Binghampton University.

She will graduate with a bachelor’s degree in Accounting and has already applied for the MBA program at Binghampton.

The couple made their public appearance last year, but it is unsure if they are ready to ring the wedding bells.

Interview With Brett Father

Clint Baty opened up about an anecdote in an interview with The Post after Brett’s MLB Draft.

Brett signals by holding up his thumb, index finger, and pinkie to the group as he rounds the bases.

It was supposedly an “I love you and thanks for your support” gesture, which Brett has used in minor leagues too.

Parents Of Brett
Parents Of Brett (Source: YouTube)

Previously, Clint and Leslie thought he was throwing up his Texas Longhorns because he was supposed to go to Texas, but Brett later clarified it.

Clint further explains Brett’s athletic passion, “Brett had a knack for doing a lot of the things that not a lot of other people are willing to do, and that is a rebound, set good screens.”

He is a proud father and claims Brett has good footwork and basketball I.Q. 

Brett’s family supports him; her sister, Lauren Baty, also frequently visits his matches.

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