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Kaleb Mathis, a promising newcomer to the Colorado Buffaloes, finds immense pride and excitement in having his father, Kevin Mathis, as his coach on the team.

Despite being a freshman and standing at a height of 5’9″, Kaleb’s commitment to the Colorado Buffaloes did not come as a surprise to the media and fans.

This was mainly due to the fact that his father, Kevin, holds a prominent coaching role within the team.

Kevin Mathis, a former cornerback who made a name for himself by playing for various American football teams, has transitioned into a successful football coaching career.

Currently, he is sharing his knowledge and experience as a valuable asset to the Colorado Buffaloes, making the Mathis father-son duo a notable presence in collegiate football.

Kaleb Mathis
Kaleb Mathis (Source: ESPN)

Kaleb Mathis, born on February 21, 2004, in Arlington, Texas, is the son of Kevin Mathis and Kimberly Mathis.

He embarked on his promising football journey after attending Grace Preparatory Academy during his high school years.

In 2023, the young Mathis committed to the Colorado Buffaloes, a decision that marked a milestone in his football career.

What made his journey unique was the element of surprise; Kaleb admitted that he was uncertain about the specific position he would take on starting in January.

There was a question mark whether he would play as a receiver or safety.

In an intriguing twist, Kaleb expressed the possibility of ending up under the guidance of his father, Kevin, as his position coach. This added a personal and familial dimension to his collegiate football experience.

As of now, Kaleb has found his role on the team as a wide receiver for the Colorado Buffaloes, where he is making significant contributions.

Kaleb Mathis Father: Kevin Mathis

Kevin Bryant Mathis, born on April 29, 1974, in Gainesville, Texas, has a rich and diverse background in both playing and coaching football.

While at Gainesville High School, Mathis demonstrated his athletic prowess by actively participating and earning letters in football, basketball, and track.

He furthered his football journey by accepting a scholarship to Texas A&M University-Commerce, where he began his collegiate football career as a backup cornerback during his redshirt freshman year.

In recognition of his exceptional contributions to the sport, Kevin was inducted into the Texas A&M-Commerce Athletic Hall of Fame in 2009.

Kevin Mathis
Kevin Mathis (Source: Twitter)

After college, Mathis entered the professional football arena when the Dallas Cowboys signed him as an undrafted free agent in the 1997 NFL Draft.

After spending two years with the Cowboys, he transitioned to the New Orleans Saints, where he played as the left cornerback for the entirety of the 2000 season.

In 2002, Kevin moved to the Falcons, where he continued to shine on the field for a remarkable four years as a free agent.

However, his football journey took an unexpected turn in 2006 when a career-ending neck injury prompted his release in 2007.

After a hiatus of five years, Mathis made a triumphant return to the world of football, this time as a football assistant coach at Prime Prep Academy.

In 2020, Kevin continued to make strides in his coaching career by joining Jackson State University as the defensive backs coach, adding his valuable expertise to the team.

Today, he serves as the Cornerbacks Coach for the Colorado Buffaloes, where his extensive experience both as a player and a coach enriches the team’s defensive strategies and player development.

Kaleb Mathis Mother And Siblings

Kaleb’s mother, Kimberly Mathis, hails from Dallas, Texas, and graduated with honors from Skyline High School in 1996.

Later, she attended Texas A&M University-Commerce on a full scholarship from the Roger Alsabrook Foundation.

Kim graduated with a Bachelor of Business Administration and later joined Electronic Data Systems (EDS) as a Research Analyst.

She also worked as an Assistant Marketing Director for the COMDEX Convention in Las Vegas, Nevada in 2001.

Furthermore, she enjoys interior design, traveling, and writing. So, she pursued a Master of Fine Arts degree in Creative Writing in 2019.

Kimberly Mathis
Kimberly Mathis (Source: Voyage Dallas Magazine)

During her college years, Kimberly met the love of her life, Kevin Mathis.

They dated for a few years before getting married.

Kevin and Kimberly proudly parent three children: Kennedy Mathis, Kaleb Mathis, and Kole Mathis.

The Mathis siblings maintain a close relationship, as they consistently share videos with each other on Kaleb’s YouTube channel.


Who Is Kaleb Mathis Father?

Kaleb Mathis father is Kevin Mathis, with a rich and diverse background in both playing and coaching football.

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