Henry Blackburn Parents And Family Tree

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Henry Blackburn’s parents and family probably had one of the worst weeks of their lives. The Blackburn family has received death threats since their son started the game against The University of Colorado. 

Colorado State coach Jay Norvell said Henry and his family have received threats after his late hit against Colorado two-way star Travis Hunter.

Henry Blackburn Pictured Celebrating With The Colorado Crowd Last Season In October
Henry Blackburn Pictured Celebrating With The Colorado Crowd Last Season In October (Source: Instagram)

It was an unsportsmanlike conduct from Henry, but some commentary channels on the internet have said receiving death threats is far too much over a game of football. 

The local police are now working on the case with the Blackburn family. The Colorado State athletic director, Joe Parker, has asserted Henry didn’t intend to put anyone in harm’s way on the football field. 

Colorado football head coach Deion Sander has given an injury update on Travis, and the receiver is likely to miss three weeks of football.

Henry Blackburn Parents And Family Tree

Henry Blackburn’s parents have received death threats since the game against the University of Colorado. 

The Colorado State defensive back faced major backlash on the internet after delivering an illegal hit on Colorado receiver Travis Hunter. The threats were made to Henry and his family even before the game ended. 

Henry’s father, whose supposed name is believed to be Joey Blackburn, was available on Twitter until September 17. His Twitter account is no longer active after football fans attacked him for his son’s behavior on the field. 

Henry’s home address and phone number were leaked on social media, and his family was bombarded with death threats. The defensive back doesn’t come from a family of athletes but has received major support from everyone in his family, including his grandad. 

Henry Blackburn Pictured With His Parents, During His Time At Fairview High School
Henry Blackburn Pictured With His Parents During His Time At Fairview High School (Source: Facebook)

His grandfather, Joe Blackburn, previously shared photos of Henry on gameday and had shared a supportive post right before the game against Colorado. 

Henry’s uncle, Jeff Blackburn, is a Virginia Tech graduate and has been working as a mortgage lender for the past two decades. He is a VP and Mortgage Loan Officer for First Savings Mortgage Corporation. 

Jeff previously worked for Wells Fargo Mortgage as a sales manager and has also worked for MetLife Home Loans. The family also owns a construction business in Arlington, Virginia. 

Henry might have deactivated his Twitter account, but his Instagram handle remains active. But since the game against Colorado, Henry has been forced to turn off the comment section as he became the most disliked man on the internet. 

Henry Blackburn Career 

Before joining Colorado State, Henry Blackburn played for Fairview High School. Standing at 6ft, Henry was a three-year starter on the basketball team and a two-time football captain. 

During his time at Fairview, Henry was named in the first-team All-State as a receiver and safety. He made 139 catches for 2,403 yards and 43 touchdowns as a receiver. 

Henry set the CHSAA state record for season touchdown receptions with 26 as a senior, and that same year led the state in receiving yards. 

Henry Blackburn Pictured During His Freshman Year With The Colorado State In 2020
Henry Blackburn Pictured During His Freshman Year With The Colorado State In 2020 (Source: Instagram)

The 247Sports ranked him no.15 in the state, and Henry had a three-star listing. He chose Colorado State, with Pennsylvania, the Air Force, Central Michigan, and Columbia also presenting offers to him.

Henry joined Colorado in 2020 and is currently in his senior year. In his freshman year, the defensive back missed a handful of the games and started the only two final games. 

In his sophomore year, Blackburn was eighth on the team, racking 41 tackles and 18 solo stops. Last year, Henry was fifth on the team in tackles with 53 and notched his first career interception against Wyoming. 

It isn’t certain whether Henry will start for Colorado State against the Middle Tennessee Blue Raiders. But the popular belief is that the defensive back will take a break from the football field.  

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