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Raimel Tapia wife, Stency Scencion, has remained away from the public limelight. Raimel has previously mentioned a bit about his wife in an interview. 

The former Colorado Rockies outfielder Raimel Tapia made his MLB debut in 2016 after being signed as an international free agent in 2010.

The Dominican Republic native Tapia spent most of his time toiling in minor leagues for the Rockies. Despite having strong statistics, Tapia never seemed to make it in the first-team lineup every summer. 

Raimel Dashes To The Base As He Plays One Of His First Games For The Red Sox
Raimel Dashes To The Base As He Plays One Of His First Games For The Red Sox (Source: Twitter)

In 2022, he finally moved to another franchise, Toronto Blue Jays. He scored a historical grand slam, but at the end of the season, Blue Jays didn’t want to keep hold of him.

Now at Boston Red Sox, the 30 year old has received another shot at the major leagues. Though he was contracted for minor leagues, Red Sox decided to give him the final spot. 

Now with teammate Nick Pivetta, Raimel will be hoping to help Red Sox for a better finish compared to last season. 

Raimel Tapia Wife Stency Scencion

Raimel Tapia’s wife, Stency Scencion, comes from a Dominican background like him. 

A man who has kept his family details away from the spotlight, there isn’t much known about his wife, Stency Scencion. 

But one thing is for sure, Stency and her cooking will forever be Raimel’s favorite. The only person who can compete with her is Raimel’s brother, Rafael.

Raimel Tapia Celebrates Turning 28 As He Shares An Individual Picture In 2022
Raimel Tapia Celebrates Turning 28 As He Shares An Individual Picture In 2022 (Source: Instagram)

In an interview with The Gazette, Raimel said every day, either his wife or his brother sends him the traditional Dominican Republic dish to the ballpark. 

It is one of the highlights of his day as it reminds him of home and family members, whom he can’t see often due to his work commitments.

With many other MLB stars flaunting their wives and girlfriend on Instagram, Raimel has taken a traditional route. He hasn’t shared any pictures of his better half and has stuck with sharing team photos. 

Raimel Tapia Comes From A Family Filled With Baseball Players

The Red Sox player, Raimel Tapia, comes from a family that cherishes baseball as much as it cherishes farm life. 

Raimel is the youngest of seven children in his family. The outfielder credits his father, Rafael, as the inspiration behind his love for the game. 

As a kid, Raimel grew up surrounded by farm animals. Due to financial constraints, Tapia’s family didn’t own a farm, so the animals would wander about on the patio. 

But the year Tapia debuted with the Rockies in the MLB, the first thing he did was buy his dad a farm. In an interview with the MLB website, Tapia said his father wakes up every morning at 5 to take care of the cows, pigs, and crabs. 

Raimel Tapia Brothers Are Former Baseball Players

Raimel Tapia has three older brothers, Rafael Tapia, Jose Linares, and Antonio Linares. All three are former baseball players. 

The oldest of the bunch, Antonio Linares, played in the minor league system of the Philadelphia Phillies during the late to early 90s. He played one season with Martinsville Phillies and two seasons with Spartanburg Phillies.

Raimel Tapia Pictured With His Brothers At The Las Americas International Airport In 2022
Raimel Tapia Pictured With His Brothers At The Las Americas International Airport In 2022 (Source: Instagram)

Currently, in their homeland, Antonio runs a Little League Program. Growing up, Raimel would itch to play baseball with his older brother. He also played for his brother’s youth team. 

His older brother Rafael Tapia was part of the Baltimore Orioles organization during the late 90s. He played for Delmarva and GCL Orioles in 1998 but never made it big time.

Jose Linares also played baseball but in the Dominican Republic teams. Along with having three older brothers, Raimel also has three sisters. 

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