Who Is Melli Monaco? Gilbert Arenas Girlfriend- Are They Still Dating?

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Rumors about the girlfriend of the NBA legend Gilbert Arenas have been making headlines in sports and entertainment.

The romantic relationship between his girlfriend, Melli Monaco, and their impressive athletic abilities captivated the fans.

So, who is Melli Monaco, and what is the current status of her romance with Gilbert Arenas?

American Former Basketball Player Gilbert Arena
American Former Basketball Player Gilbert Arena (Source: X)

Gilbert Jay Arenas Jr., aka ‘Agent Zero,’ is a former professional basketball athlete from the United States.

Attending Grant High School in Los Angeles, Arenas secured a scholarship to the University of Arizona during his junior year.

Furthermore, the Golden State Warriors selected him as the 31st overall pick in the 2001 NBA draft.

Additionally, Arenas attained NBA All-Star status thrice, All-NBA Team honors thrice and was named 2002–03 NBA Most Improved Player.

After the 2011 NBA lockout, the Memphis Grizzlies waived Arenas with the “amnesty clause,” making him the first player waived that way.

Is Melli Monacco Still The Girlfriend Of Gilbert Arenas? Who Is She?

Melli Monaco is a prominent figure on YouTube known for her hit raps and widely popular dating show, “The Pineapple Show.”

She was born on January 5, 1990; her parents are Albert ‘Al’ Monaco and Carmina Monaco.

Additionally, she has quite a following on social media and has captivated audiences with her engaging content and vibrant personality.

However, it was her involvement in a bet with the American football player, Gilbert Arenas that truly brought her into the spotlight.

The bet had three intense sports challenges and high stakes and gained much attention from fans and media.

According to the bet, if Monaco won at least one, she’d get $1 million from Arenas, but if Arenas won all three, he’d get Monaco’s Porsche 911.

Initially, Arenas dominated the challenges, prompting accusations of cheating from Monaco after a recent 1v1 basketball match.

Melli Monacco Still The Girlfriend Of Gilbert Arenas
Melli Monacco Still The Girlfriend Of Gilbert Arenas (Source: YouTube)

However, Monaco demanded a rematch, criticized him for cheating against a girl, and called him the “shame of NBA players.”

Despite the accusations, Arenas denied cheating and agreed to have a rematch.

Although the score was close initially, Arenas ultimately won the set 21-12 and celebrated enthusiastically.

Turns out that the intense challenges and occasional disagreements eventually turned into a relationship that is present to this day.

Gilbert Arenas and Melli Monaco frequently share glimpses of their lives through social media.

Arenas is frequently seen starring in Melli’s Instagram videos; whether it is about her show or promoting a book she’s written, he’s always present.

While they haven’t officially confirmed being together, their undeniable chemistry and consistent presence on each other’s Instagram provide enough hints.

Has Gilbert Arenas Previously Dated Someone Else Besides Melli?

Yes, Gilbert Arenas was in a very serious relationship with Laura Govan, with whom he has 4 kids.

The two seemed to be very much in love and appeared to have a happy family with kids.

However, sadly, according to court records obtained by TMZ Sports, Gilbert and Laura had a very violent separation.

Gilbert Arenas With His Ex-Girlfriend Laura Govan
Gilbert Arenas With His Ex-Girlfriend Laura Govan (Source: Newsweek)

Laura claimed that although they never had a formal wedding, she and Gilbert lived together as husband and wife.

Furthermore, she claimed that Gilbert promised her an equal share in his earnings from 2003 onwards.

The total amounted to a significant sum, considering his lucrative NBA contracts totaled nearly $200 million.

However, their relationship took a wild turn around the end of 2014 when Gilbert allegedly asked Laura to leave their Los Angeles mansion.

Additionally, Laura accused Gilbert of forcibly taking back the $1 million engagement ring he had given her in 2008 and selling it without her consent.

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