Who Is Mia Ellis? Gervonta Davis Sister And Family Tree

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Gervonta Davis’ sister Mia Ellis, a promising talent in the world of boxing, has been making waves as a rising star. Recent revelations have shed light on a connection between Mia Ellis and Gervonta Davis, a prominent figure in the boxing community.

Gervonta Davis is a highly skilled American professional boxer who has achieved significant success in the ring.

He has held world championships in multiple weight classes. Firstly, he secured the IBF super featherweight title in 2017.

Subsequently, he went on to win the WBA super featherweight title twice between 2018 and 2021.

Gervonta Davis
Gervonta Davis (Source: Instagram)

Davis also claimed the WBA lightweight title in 2019, which he has held since then. Furthermore, in 2021, he added the WBA super lightweight title to his impressive collection of championships.

He is set to meet Ryan Garcia on Showtime pay-per-view in one of the biggest fights of the year in Las Vegas’s T-Mobile Arena on 22 April 2023, Saturday. 

So brace yourself for a showdown tomorrow as Tank and Garcia, two of the boxing sensations, step into the ring vowing to deliver a knockout blow that will shatter their opponent’s jaw.

Known for his explosive punching power, speed, and agility, Davis has earned a reputation as one of the most exciting and talented fighters in the sport of boxing.

Gervonta Davis Family 

With an impressive record and a string of knockout victories, Tank Davis has captivated the boxing world with his raw talent and fierce fighting style. But behind his meteoric rise to boxing stardom lies a challenging family background.

Davis was born to Garrin Davis and Kenya Brown, who battled severe cocaine addiction during their youth.

As a result, Tank could not live with his parents and was placed in foster care at a young age.

He was reportedly transferred from one foster home to another while his parents served time in prison, significantly impacting his early life.

Tank’s younger brother, Demetris Fenwick, also shares his passion for boxing. Following in his elder brother’s footsteps, Demetris also pursued a career in professional boxing.

Who Is Mia Ellis? Gervonta Davis Sister

Mia “KillerBee” Ellis has garnered attention in the boxing community. She is also quite popular due to her affiliation with the acclaimed boxer Gervonta Davis.

Ellis is reported to be the daughter of Coach Kenny Ellis, who is known to be part of Gervonta Davis’ ringside brain trust.

Interestingly, this also means that Mia is Gervonta Davis’ sister, adding another layer of intrigue to her flourishing career in the sport.

Hailing from Baltimore, Mia Ellis has made a name for herself as a super featherweight prospect in the boxing world.

Mia Ellis Ready In The Ring (Source: Instagram)

With notable performances in the ring, Mia Ellis has showcased her prowess as a rising star in the boxing community.

Mia’s passion for boxing runs deep in her veins, thanks to her father, who introduced her to the sport at a tender age.

Growing up, she was his constant companion – whether in the gym, at ringside, or on the road to his next fight.

Mia’s love for boxing was evident from the moment she laced up her gloves and stepped into the ring at the age of four.

From that day on, she ate, slept, and breathed the sport, determined to make her mark in the boxing world. 

Gervonta Davis Realtionship

Gervonta Davis has not only made headlines for his achievements in the boxing ring but also for his high-profile dating history.

Media has scrutinized Davis due to his involvement in several relationships that often last for less than a year.

He is currently in a relationship with Vanessa Posso, who is an Instagram influencer, businesswoman, and owner of the jewelry brand RichGirlz.

Davis and Vanessa Posso have one child together, a baby daughter named Giovanna Thalia.

Gervonta Davis’s Girlfriend, Vanessa Posso, And Their Daughter (Source: Instagram)

Vanessa has shared pictures of Giovanna on her Instagram and even created a separate handle dedicated to her.

Furthermore, their relationship has had its share of ups and downs. In 2020, Vanessa Posso accused Davis of assaulting her.

Davis made headlines in a highly publicized incident when the police arrested him just 11 days before his scheduled fight with Hector Garcia.

Nevertheless, Posso eventually dropped the charges and took to Instagram to address that Davis did not assault her or harm their daughter.

Despite their past issues, Davis and Posso appear to have reconciled, though their relationship continues to attract media attention.

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