Micah Hyde Ethnicity And Parents: Where Are They From?

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Buffalo Bills safety Micah Hyde ethnicity is African-American.

Concerning Micah’s parents, his mother’s name is Pamela Hampton, while his father’s identity remains undisclosed as he left the family when Micah was young.

The Bills star’s ethnicity has recently been a hot topic of internet discussion. 

Bills Safety Micah Hyde
Bills Safety Micah Hyde (Source: Instagram)

The Bills safety Hyde was born on 31 December 1990 in Fostoria, Ohio, United States. 

Hyde earned Northern Ohio first-team honors as a quarterback, defensive back, and placekicker as a junior. 

The Ohio native was heavily recruited coming out of high school and received scholarship offers from numerous schools before ultimately committing to Iowa Hawkeyes.

Finally, in 2013, Hyde jumped to the NFL as he was selected as a 5th-round draft pick by the Green Bay Packers in the 2013 draft.

Micah shares heartwarming moments about his personal life on his Instagram (@micah_hyde). The Bills star is married to his wife Amanda, and the couple has two kids: a son and a daughter.

What Is Micah Hyde Ethnicity?

In the latest internet trend, sports fans have been interested in Micah Hyde ethnicity. We can reveal that Micah’s ethnicity is African-American.

Micah Hyde
Micah Hyde (Source: Instagram)

Through an Instagram post in June 2020, Micah described himself as “a proud and strong black man.” 

In a strong emotional message, he called for all people of his race to unite and fight against racism. 

Who Are Micah Hyde’s Parents?

Hyde was raised by a single mother, Pamela Hampton, who played the role of both father and mother in his life. 

Unfortunately, when Micah was a young child, his father abandoned his wife, Pamela, and their four children; as a result, little to no information is known about him.

Micah Hyde And Mother Pamela Hampton
Micah Hyde And Mother Pamela Hampton (Source: Pinterest)

The Ohio native Pamela raised the four children with much graft and hard work. Interestingly, her other son, Marcus Hyde, also played football for the Michigan State Spartans in his early years. 

On top of providing for the family, Pamela also found time to support her sons during their games and was always a figure of constant inspiration to them. 

Ken Watson: A Father Figure In Micah’s Life

In a story covered by the Democrat and Chronicle, they revealed that Ken Watson, a local farmer and former school principal, served as a mentor to Hyde.

Micah revealed that Ken has been a father figure and a source of motivation in his life.

Micah recalled a moment from his childhood when Ken’s house burned down, and he was still smiling in adversity, saying, “Hey, life happens.” 

nostalgic Hyde revealed in the interview: “We pull up to his house and literally there’s smoke still coming from the roof and he’s smiling. It was one of those times where he taught us whatever life throws at you, it is what it is”.

The NFL star said he has carried that moment as a life lesson throughout his career.

In a sarcastic response when told, Micah remembers the moment as a lesson. Ken said: “It was a little expensive for a lesson, but you’re always teaching things.” 

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