Michael Jordan Brother Larry And James: Where Are They Now?

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Michael Jordan’s brother, James R Jordan Jr, served for 31 years in the US military. Both his brothers are currently working alongside him in Charlotte Hornets.

There aren’t many people in the world who aren’t familiar with the name Michael Jordan. The third overall pick in the 1984 NBA Draft, Jordan went on to win six NBA Championships with the Bulls. 

Michael Jordan Pictured Celebrating After Winning His Fourth NBA Title
Michael Jordan Pictured Celebrating After Winning His Fourth NBA Title (Source: Twitter)

Easily considered one of the greatest of the game, or some would even say the undisputed greatest, Michael Jordan was raised with four siblings in Wilmington, North Carolina.

Two of his siblings, his older brothers, help him at Charlotte Hornets and hold executive positions. With Jordan selling his majority shareholding to Gabe Plotkin and Rick Schnall, whether James and Larry stick with the Hornets or not remains unclear. 

Michael Jordan Brother: Larry, And James

The Chicago Bulls legend, Michael Jordan, has two older brothers, Larry and James R. Jordan Jr. All three brothers have preferred not to join social media platforms. 

James R. Jordan Jr Served 31 Years In The US Army 

The oldest among five siblings, James R. Jordan Jr., previously served in the US Army.

He served as a Command Sergeant Major for over 31 years as a noncommissioned officer and leader in the US Army Signal Corps.

Under his leadership, the 35th signal brigade provided a wide range of communication support for the 18th airborne corps at Fort Bragg and in combat in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Michael Jordan Brother. James Jordan Pictured With The Army JROTC Cadets In 2014
Michael Jordan’s Brother, James Jordan, Pictured With The Army JROTC Cadets In 2014 (Source: Twitter)

After retirement, James served as a director of operations and administration for EPS, a government contractor that provided communication support. 

He is currently the Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer for the NBA team Charlotte Hornets. James has previously talked about his military life in the podcast Pivotal Moments Media in 2021. 

Being the oldest in the family, James wanted to set an example for his younger siblings and be his own man after high school. He was 17 when he joined the military and always had leadership qualities in him. 

James was promoted to corporal within a year of joining the army. In the podcast, James talked about how his leadership quality came to use while working for other organizations, such as Hornets. 

Michael Shares A Strong Bond With Larry

Michael and his second oldest brother, Larry Jordan, have an age gap of only 11 months. And maybe that was one of the contributing factors to their close bond.

Standing at 5ft 8, Larry was used to getting dwarfed by his younger brother, but even he had some serious basketball skills. A video shared on Twitter in 2020 shows Larry going against his brother. 

Michael Jordan Stands Alongside His Brother. Larry Jordan
Michael Jordan Stands Alongside His Brother, Larry Jordan (Source: Twitter)

In his documentary, The Last Dance, Michael Jordan talked about his connection with Larry. He said if it weren’t for the competitiveness they shared, he wouldn’t be where he is today. 

Larry is also the reason behind Michael choosing jersey number 23. Michael and Larry used to wear the same number for their teams, 45, but when they were on the same team, Michael decided to wear 23.

Jordan said he chose the number half of his brother’s jersey number. Currently, Larry serves as a Vice President of Player Personnel for Charlotte Hornets. 

Michael Jordan Sisters, Deloris, And Roslyn Jordan

Michael Jordan’s sisters, Deloris and Roslyn Jordan chose to become authors. Both sisters have published books that give details about their family. 

The second oldest among five siblings, Deloris E. Jordan, shares her name with her mother. Deloris is a motivational and inspirational speaker and currently lives in Pennsylvania. 

In 2001, Deloris released a revealing self-published memoir, In My Family’s Shadow: Sister of Sports Phenomenon Michael Jordan.

In the book, Deloris revealed she lost her virginity to sexual abuse suffered at the hands of her father.

Michael Jordan Sister, Deloris Pictured For The Cover Shoot Of Her Book
Michael Jordan Sister, Deloris, Pictured For The Cover Shoot Of Her Book (Source: Twitter)

Michael Jordan’s youngest sibling, Roslyn, is also an author and has previously co-authored the book Salt in His Shoes and Did I Tell You I Love You Today? with her older sister. 

She later published two children’s books with her mother, Did I Tell You I Love You Today? and Michael’s Golden Rules. Previously, Michael Jordan said he gets his competitive spirit not only from his brother Larry but also from Roslyn.

Roslyn and Michael have an age gap of only a year, so Roslyn tried her best to finish high school with her brother, enter the University of North Carolina with him, and finish college prior to him.  

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