Does Michel Pereira Have A Brother Or Sister? Family Life

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The Brazilian mixed martial artist Michel Pereira has become a household name among UFC fans.

As such, everyone already knows about the ups and downs in his professional life.

However, he has been largely successful in keeping his personal life, mainly his childhood and early life, a secret from the public for all these years. 

People have often associated him with MMA fighters like Aline Pereira and Alex Pereira in a desperate attempt to find out about his siblings.

But are they his siblings? Read this article to find out the truth!

The Brazilian Mixed Martial Artist Michel Pereira
The Brazilian Mixed Martial Artist Michel Pereira (Source: MMA Fighting)

Beginning at an early age, Michel learned karate when he was twelve. As his interest in fighting peaked during his teens, he began learning Brazilian jiu-jitsu, further enriching his skill sets.

Gradually, he started participating in the MMA fights often conducted in his hometown, Para, in Brazil.

Following his impressive run, he got to fight against Carlston Harris, the Guyanese UFC fighter. However, he lost that match.

Pereira debuted in the UFC on May 18, 2019, against the Englishman Danny Roberts. Following his knockout win in the first round, he won his first award for the night’s best performance.

Currently, Michel Pereira ranks No.15 in the UFC Welterweight Rankings.

Does Michel Have A Brother? Sister And Family

Michel Pereira was born to his parents on October 6, 1993, in Para, Brazil.

Although the professional athlete has talked about his upbringing and involvement in competitive fights in his hometown, he has never really shed light on his family life.

As a result, there is no information about who his parents are and what they do. In addition, nobody knows if he has any siblings while growing up. 

Alex Pereira And His Sister Aline
Michel Pereira’s Rumored Siblings, Alex And Aline (Source: Essentially Sports)

Rumors are that the Brazilian MMA fighters Alex and Aline Pereira are Michel’s siblings.

Alex is a former UFC Middleweight champion, and his sister Aline fights in the Legacy Fighting Alliance (LFA) flyweight division.

Unfortunately, they are unrelated and come from different cities in Brazil. Most probably, people assumed the three are related because they have the same surname.

Pereira Is A Married Man

The professional fighter is married to his girlfriend, Gina Amir. Amir is a professional jewelry designer with a store named Gina Amir Atelier in Hollywood, California.

As per her website, she became interested in jewelry as a teen. Growing up in Europe, she learned gemology there and received her gemologist license when she was nineteen.

Her company mainly deals with customized diamond jewelry, including watches, rings, bracelets, etc.

Previously, she had a jewelry shop in Germany but later relocated to the United States to expand her business.

Michel Pereira And His Wife Gina
Michel Pereira And His Wife Gina (Source: Sportsmanor)

According to sources, Pereira met Amir while frequenting a gym in Los Angeles. Soon, they began dating and eventually married around 2021. 

In 2022, Pereira called out his opponent Jorge Masvidal for sliding into Amir’s DMs and telling him to stay away from his wife. However, Amir later clarified that those texts were exchanged in old times when she had not even met Michel.

Apart from that, Michel and Gina have a great married life. They reside in Las Vegas, Nevada, with their son, born in October 2022.

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