Does Miguel Cabrera Have A Brother? Meet Sister Ruth Cabrera Torres

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Miguel Cabrera does not have any brothers but has a sister named Ruth Cabrera Torres.

Jose Miguel Cabrera Torres, commonly known by his nickname “Miggy,” is a Venezuelan professional baseball first baseman, third baseman, and designated hitter for the Detroit Tigers of Major League Baseball (MLB).

Miguel Cabrera Waving Hand For His Fans
Miguel Cabrera Waving Hand For His Fans (Source: Instagram)

Cabrera started his MLB career with the Florida Marlins as an amateur free agent in 1999 at the age of 16. He made his major league debut in 2003 at the age of 20.

He announced that the 2023 season would be the final year of his professional MLB career.

In 2012, he began The Miguel Cabrera Foundation to help a variety of children’s funds and has been active in philanthropic works.

Through his organization, he also promotes baseball and softball among young children.

Does Miguel Cabrera Have A Brother?

Miguel Cabrera is not known to have a brother of his own but has a sister named Carla Ruth Torres.

Cabrera’s had a close relationship with his family, especially with his sister, Ruth. Ruth has also been a constant support in Miguel’s life. 

Miguel Cabrera's Son Daughter And Mom
Miguel Cabrera’s Son, Daughter And Mom (Source: Instagram)

Cabrera has frequently mentioned about his sister in interviews and other media briefings. It is clear how close they are and how supportive she has been in the professional baseball player’s life and career.

Is Oswaldo Cabrera Related To Miguel Cabrera? Brother?

The two professional baseball players, both shares the same last name, are assumed to be related. Fans often question if the two athletes are brothers.

However, the New York Yankees prospect and Detroit Tigers first baseman are not related.

Despite being from the same country, Venezuela, they are from different parts, Miguel is from Maracay, and Oswaldo is from Guarenas.

Oswaldo Alberto Cabrera is a professional baseball utility player for the Yankees. He signed with the New York franchise as a free agent at 16 and made his MLB debut in 2022.

He has featured as a shortstop, second baseman, and right fielder in his first six major league games.

Miguel Cabrera Family Tree

Miguel Cabrera was born to his father, Miguel Cabrera, and his mother, Gregoria Cabrera, on April 18, 1983, in Maracay, Venezuela.

He grew up in a close-knit family in Venezuela. His father was a welder.

His parents, who are now divorced, put immense pressure on him to succeed as a baseball player.

Miguel Cabrera With His Mother
Miguel Cabrera With His Mother (Source: MLB)

The professional baseball player got married to Rosangel on June 17, 2002. They have two daughters, Isabella and Rosangel, and one son, Christopher.

In April 2017, Cabrera’s wife filed for divorce, but she later changed her mind.

The Tigers first baseman also has 2 kids (a son and a daughter) with his ex-mistress, Belkis Rodriguez.

Miguel also has two other children, whom he fathered with an ex-mistress, a boy and a girl, who lived in Orlando, Florida.

In 2018, Cabrera was ordered to pay $12,247 per month in child support by the judge.

Additionally, the athlete will provide the children with yearly passes to Disney World, Universal Studios, and Sea World.

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