Mikal Bridges Brother Eric, Jack And Korey Have An Unbreakable Bond

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The American professional basketball player Mikal Bridges feels blessed to have three incredibly supportive brothers.

Born to his mom, Tyneeha, when she was just nineteen, Bridges previously had a tough life growing up. It was a massive challenge for his mom to raise a child as a single mom while continuing her studies.

When she first became pregnant, Tyneeha was in her sophomore year at college and did not have a job. Fearful of her family and society, she even thought of having an abortion.

Despite all the pressure, she gave birth to her child, ended her relationship with her strict dad, and embarked on a journey she had never imagined. Thanks to Tyneeha’s perseverance, that child grew up to be something special, as the NBA star Mikal Bridges.

Mikal Bridges With His Mother Tyneeha
Mikal Bridges With His Mother, Tyneeha (Source: Instagram)

Mikal began playing various sports as a kid, and since he was highly physical, he was pretty good at everything. Raised in Philadelphia, he attended Great Valley High School, where he discovered he had great potential to become a professional basketball player.

Over time, he began to take the game seriously, which proved rewarding.

The ESPNU named him the 82nd-best young player nationally by the time he finished school, and he later had a great college career with the Villanova Wildcats before making his NBA debut for Phoenix Suns in 2018.

Mikal Brides’ Unbreakable Bond With His Brothers

The Brooklyn Nets guard has three brothers. Despite being the first child of his mom, he has an older brother named Eric Futch, sometimes called Eric Bridges. Most probably, he is his brother from his stepdad.

Eric runs a towing service company named EWay Towing based in Philadelphia.

Mikal Bridges With His Younger Brothers Korey And Jack
Mikal Bridges With His Younger Brothers, Korey And Jack (Source: Instagram)

After getting married, Mikal’s mom gave birth to his two younger brothers, Jack and Korey Bridges. They are much younger than their two elder brothers.

Jack and Korey were born three years apart. Although the age difference between the brothers is massive, they are like friends and have incredible bonding. Most probably, it is their love for basketball that binds them together.

Despite their busy schedule, the brothers do not think twice about meeting and spending quality time together whenever they have time. Mikal’s brothers frequently go to cheer him up during his NBA games.

Following in his elder brother’s footsteps, the youngest, Korey plays basketball for Constitution High School in Philadelphia. Hopefully, he will make it to the NBA in the future.

Mikal Bridges Net Worth And Contracts

According to various sources, Mikal Bridges has a net worth of somewhere between $8 to $10 million.

The Brooklyn Nets Shooting Guard Mikal Bridges
The Brooklyn Nets Shooting Guard Mikal Bridges (Source: Sports Illustrated)

After performing exceptionally for the Phoenix Suns in the 2020-21 season, the club offered him a four-year rookie contract extension worth $90 million on October 17, 2021.

The athlete had already earned about $7.5 million from two earlier seasons. Aside from his playing career earnings, Mikal makes a lot through endorsement deals.

Bridges signed a multi-year deal with a drinks brand named G Fuel on April 29, 2022. In addition, he has been associated with a Canada-based investment company, Wealthsimple, since 2018.

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