Mike Clevinger Wife Monica Ceraolo: Cheating And Abuse Allegation

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The MLB star Mike Clevinger and his wife, Monica Ceraolo, were once the talk of the town due to cheating and abuse allegations.

Due to multiple controversies, the Chicago White Sox pitcher often finds himself in the spotlight.

Let’s learn about the player’s on-field performances while exploring his personal life incidents.

Mike Clevinger Joined The Chicago White Sox In 2022 December
Mike Clevinger Joined The Chicago White Sox In December 2022 (Source: Instagram)

Michael Anthony Clevinger is an American professional baseball player. Currently, he is a pitcher for the Chicago White Sox of MLB.

The MLB veteran is immensely popular for his fastballs. However, he also possesses a curveball, slider, and a changeup in his arsenal.

Born on December 21, 1990, in Jacksonville, Florida, Clevinger graduated from Wolfson High School.

Likewise, the pitcher honed his skills playing collegiate baseball for The Citadel and Seminole Community College.

The Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim drafted Clevinger in the fourth round of the 2011 Major League Baseball draft.

He finally made his major league debut on May 18, 2016, pitching for the Cleveland Indians.

Moreover, Clevinger played for the San Diego Padres before signing with the Chicago White Sox in December 2022.

Mike Clevinger’s Wife: Monica Ceraolo

The beautiful MLB wag, Monica Ceraolo, reportedly started dating the White Sox pitcher in December 2014.

She was born Monica Grace Ceraolo on the 25th of June, 1991, to parents Olga Patricia Ceraolo and Mark Ceraolo. She spent her entire childhood with a younger sister, Jessica Marie.

Likewise, she graduated with a Bachelor of Science from the University of North Florida in 2013. 

Mike Clevinger With Monica And Their Kids
Mike Clevinger With Monica And Their Kids (Source: Instagram)

Currently, Ceraolo is a marketing coordinator for Cabana Life, where she has worked for the past nine years. As per her Instagram bio, she is also a Certified Life Coach.

Although rumours had been that they were married, Mike and Monica never made any official statement regarding their wedding.

They have two beautiful children; daughters Penelope Grace and Piper Lotus.

Cheating Allegations From Monica Ceraolo

Cheating allegations often emerge in high-profile relationships, and Clevinger and Ceraolo are no exception.

Rumours of infidelity and extramarital affairs had led to widespread speculation about the state of their marriage.

Posts From The Alleged Monica Ceraolo Twitter Handle
Posts From The Alleged Monica Ceraolo Twitter Handle (Source: Facebook)

In 2019, several images linked to Ceraolo’s social media account featured photos of her partner, Mike Clevinger.

Ceraolo stated that Clevinger “BLINDSIDED ME AND OUR DAUGHTERS” on a series of wild Twitter rants.

Despite the supposed allegations, Ceraolo’s Instagram features pictures of the pair together until April 2021.

Mike Clevinger Accused of Domestic Violence

After the cheating allegation, the MLB star again made headlines as reports suggested that a former partner had accused him of emotional, verbal, and physical abuse.

In January 2023, Clevinger was accused of domestic violence and child abuse by his then 10-month-old daughter’s mother, Olivia Finestead.

Mike revealed that he and Olivia welcomed their daughter on March 4, 2022, through his official Instagram. 

Mike Clevinger’s Ex, Olivia Finestead Shared Images Of Assault On Instagram Story
Olivia Finestead Shared Images Of Assault On Instagram Story (Source: Instagram)

The mother of his third child also accused the athlete of the assault and shared images of several marks on her body via her social media.

On her Instagram, Finestead wrote:

“You really deserve hell. I’ve kept quiet for almost a year, and you continue to covertly abuse your infant.”

Furthermore, she accused Clevinger of illegal drug use and cited an instance where he allegedly threw used chewing tobacco on his baby.

The MLB pitcher was under investigation for violating MLB’s domestic violence policy after the accusation.

Following the investigation, the league announced in March that Clevinger wouldn’t face discipline under MLB’s policy.

Nonetheless, the player faced intense media attention and public scrutiny throughout the ordeal.

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