Mike Norvell Wife Maria Norvell: Married Life And Kids

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Coach Mike Norvell has been married to his wife, Maria Norvell. They have a beautiful daughter together.

The seasoned coach and his wife have been dating each other since their college days. They were college sweethearts and happily got married.

Mike Norvell With His Family
Mike Norvell With His Family (Source: Instagram)

Michael Kelly Norvell is a college football coach born on October 11, 1981. He is the head coach of the Florida State Seminoles football team.

Prior to his coaching career, Michael had played for the University of Central Arkansas as a wide receiver starting from 2001 to 2005.

Later, on December 4, 2015, he joined the Memphis Tigers, starting his coaching career. Norvell was the youngest FBS head coach at the age of 34.

Overall, Michael has coached Arizona State, Pittsburgh, Tulsa, and Central Arkansas, showcasing his extraordinary coaching skills.

The exceptional coach has done it again and bagged a win recently on September 4, 2023, in the opening game against LSU.

Mike Norvell Wife Maria Norvell: Married Life And Kids

Mike Norvell is married to his wife, Maria Norvell. They dated for a long time before getting married.

Maria celebrates her birthday on October 18. Her husband can be seen wishing her on the same day through his Instagram post.

Mike And Maria Norvell With Their Daughter
Mike And Maria Norvell With Their Daughter (Source: Instagram)

The couple has been together since their college days. Also, the coach and his wife are both graduates of UCA.

Maria graduated from UCA in 2003 with a Bachelor of Science. She worked at Target as a human resource manager before quitting to move to Tulsa.

Maria had her first encounter with Mike during his football game. She was destined to meet Mike again, so when she was in church with her roommate, they had another encounter.

Following that, when Mike approached Maria, the connection was instant, as they recall, they bonded pretty quickly.

When asked about his wife, the coach said he didn’t know whether he was the first choice for his wife, however, he was the one who got to be with her.

During a time when the coach had nowhere to go, he expressed his wife became his home. Also, Maria has believed him more than he has.

Additionally, Mike recalls a time when he was offered a coaching job at Delta State and wanted to join. However, his wife knew Mike was made for greater things.

The accomplished coach never forgets to express gratitude towards his wife, children, and others who helped him.

Besides, the couple were on the News for a while regarding their $1 million donation. The donation would be divided between the Dunlap Football Center, the Bowden Society Facility Fund, and the sports nutrition department.

Mike Norvell: Married Life And Kids

Mike and Maria Norvell are parents to their daughter, Mila. Her parents are never shy to show their love for their daughter.

There is not much information regarding their daughter, nor she is active on any social platform. It might be due to the fact that she is very young.

Mike Norvell Wife And Daughter
Mike Norvell Wife And Daughter (Source: Instagram)

Maria and her daughter are typically seen supporting Mike during his games in the stadium. Mike also takes his family to important events to attend together.

Mike has expressed he has been a different person after his daughter came into his life. He said he would not cry often, but now, after his daughter, he cries while watching Disney movies together.

Besides their daughter, the couple have two adorable dogs, a golden retriever and a Rottweiler, to complete their family.

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