Mike Sellers Wife Jane Sellers: Married Life & 3 Kids

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Mike Sellers wife, Jane Sellers, married the former footballer in 2010. The footballer-turned-coach recently revealed that his family needed help as he is battling heart trouble.

Jane has started a fundraiser for her husband as he can no longer provide for the family. The former NFL and CFL player Mike Sellers began his professional career with the Edmonton Elks in 1995. 

Mike Seller Pictured With His Two Kids At The FedEx Field
Mike Seller Pictured With His Two Kids At The FedEx Field (Source: Facebook)

Mike played with two NFL teams, the Washington Commanders and the Cleveland Browns. He joined the NFL with the Commanders in 1998 and played three seasons before joining the Browns.

He returned to the NFL in 2004 with the Commanders and remained with the side until 2011. Before his health deteriorated, Sellers was a running backs coach at IMG Academy.  

Mike Sellers Wife, Jane Sellers, Is An Athlete

Mike Sellers wife, Jane Sellers, is a professional bodybuilder, having participated in a few competitions in recent years. A fitness freak like her husband, Jane also used to upload videos on YouTube on her channel Cooking With Plain Jane.

In 2018, Jane participated in the NPC Tampa Bay Classic event, with a few photos of her looking absolutely shredded are available online. Mike had previously shared some of the bodybuilding photos of Jane on his Facebook page.

The former NFL player’s wife, Jane Sellers, is a Hillsborough Community College graduate and went to TR Robinson Senior High School. She previously worked as a para-professional at Sumner High School and has taken a leave from work due to her husband’s recent health issues. 

Mike And Jana At A Bodybuilding Event In 2018
Mike And Jana At A Bodybuilding Event In 2018 (Source: Facebook)

Alongside being a para-professional, Jane is the CEO of Balloon Art by Plain Jane. She has a separate Instagram handle for her work balloon artwork, which she opened last year in January. 

Due to her husband’s recent health issues, Jane had recently started a GoFundMe page to cover Mike’s medical expenses. She wrote, “For the past six months, Mike has been in and out of one of the best hospitals in the nation at Tampa General Hospital. 

We have learned that my husband has a long road to recovery. On this journey, Mike has received nine heart treatments for his condition. He is no longer able to provide for our family.”

She further wrote, “As his wife, I choose to be the one to take care and nurse him back to being the fun-loving, caring father, husband, brother, son, friend and coach.”

The Sellers family has a set goal of $100,000, with $77k raised so far. 

Mike And Jane Are Parents To Three Kids

The athletic couple has raised three kids, with two of them being teenagers. In her GoFundMe, Jane mentioned the three kids, with one of them being an adult.

In July 2018, Jane shared a picture of her and Mike exchanging their marriage vows. The image was shared on their eighth wedding anniversary, with the words 2010 written on it.

Mike Sellers Pictured With His Family, Including His Three Kids
Mike Sellers Pictured With His Family, Including His Three Kids (Source: Facebook)

On her Facebook handle, Jane has shared several family pictures, including a family picture on a football field. Previously, Jane and Mike’s two teenage kids were spotted at Washington Commanders’ stadium. 

Mike, a former player for the Commanders, had dressed his kids in the Commanders’ famous burgundy and gold jersey. 

Mike’s older daughter, Kaylin, is likely from his previous relationship. He had mentioned Kaylin in an interview with the Daily Press in 2006. 

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