MJ’s Flu Game Shoes Fetches $1.38 Million At Auction

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We all fondly remember MJ’s iconic “Flu Game,” don’t we?

It was a historic moment when Jordan, despite battling flu-like symptoms, delivered an extraordinary performance for the Chicago Bulls in Game 5 of the 1997 NBA Finals against the Utah Jazz.

He scored an impressive 38 points, leading the Bulls to a thrilling 90-88 victory.

However, fascinating new details have emerged regarding that unforgettable night.

MJ's Flu Game Shoes
MJ’s Flu Game Shoes (Source: Bleacher Report)

It turns out that someone had the incredible fortune of acquiring a piece of basketball history—the very shoes Michael Jordan wore during that legendary game.

These iconic Air Jordan 12s, autographed by Jordan himself, were initially given to Preston Thomas, a Jazz ballboy, on that momentous evening.

MJ’s Flu Game Shoes Sell for $1.38 Million At Auction

Recently, the treasured MJ flu game shoes found their way to an auction conducted by Goldin Auctions, where they fetched an astounding $1.38 million from a passionate collector.

The authenticity of the shoes was meticulously verified by MeiGray, who expertly matched them with historical photographs.

MJ During Flu Game
MJ During Flu Game (Source: Sporting News)

Additionally, the auction package included a letter of authenticity from Preston Thomas, affirming the shoes’ connection to the unforgettable event, as well as a photograph capturing the moment Jordan signed the shoes in front of the young ballboy after the game.

This sale signifies the enduring impact of Michael Jordan‘s legacy, as his extraordinary performances continue to captivate basketball enthusiasts and collectors alike.

The remarkable price paid for these signed Air Jordan 12s serves as a testimony to the historical significance of that iconic “Flu Game” and the lasting admiration for one of the greatest ball players of all time.

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