Mo Tautuaa Wife Aida Tautuaa: Married Life & Kids

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Mo Tautuaa and his wife, Aida Tautuaa, have been together for over 6 years now.

The duo has a solid marital bond with a 5 years old daughter in the family.

Recently, Aida became the talk of the town as she was involved in a heated argument with  Calvin Abueva.

Mo Tauuaa Is An American-Filipino Basketball Player
Mo TauTuaa Is An American-Filipino Basketball Player (Source: Instagram)

Moala Delvalle Tautuaa Jr. is famous as a basketball player from America with Filipino and Tongan roots.

He plays for the San Miguel Beermen in the Philippine Basketball Association (PBA).

TNT Tropang Texters picked the basketball player in the 2015 PBA draft.

After the 2012 NBA draft did not select him, Moala played for the Westports Malaysia Dragons in the ASEAN Basketball League.

He then joined the PBA D-League before the TNT Tropang Texters drafted him. 

Who Is Mo TauTuaa Wife Aida Tautuaa?

Mo TauTuaa earns recognition for his skills on the court and the enduring love story he shares with his wife, Aida TauTuaa.

While Mo’s life is often in the public eye, Aida, born and raised in the United States, remains a mystery regarding her early life, parents, and siblings.

Despite the secrecy surrounding her early days, Aida has embraced the spotlight that comes with being the wife of a well-known athlete.

The couple shares a deep connection, with Aida actively participating in Mo’s life, especially on social media.

Mo TauTuaa With His Wife, Aida TauTuaa
Mo TauTuaa With His Wife, Aida TauTuaa (Source: Instagram)

Aida TauTuaa celebrates her birthday on September 8, a day that holds even greater significance – it marks the wedding anniversary of the TauTuaa couple.

While Aida may keep specific details under wraps, she doesn’t shy away from expressing her love for Mo TauTuaa, and the couple often shares glimpses of their life on social media.

From candid moments to heartfelt celebrations, the TauTuaa duo paints a picture of a solid and supportive partnership.

Married Life And Kids

Mo TauTuaa, the basketball sensation, and his wife, Aida, embarked on a journey of love before sealing their commitment on September 8, 2017.

The TauTuaa family expanded with the arrival of their precious daughter on May 9, 2019.

Now 5 years old, she brings boundless joy to her parents.

Mo TauTuaa And His Wife, Aida TauTuaa With Their Daughter
Mo TauTuaa And His Wife, Aida TauTuaa With Their Daughter (Source: Instagram)

Mo TauTuaa, both on and off the court, never misses a chance to express his admiration for his wife and daughter.

Whether through heartfelt posts, touching tributes, or candid snapshots, Mo’s public praise underscores his deep connection and appreciation for his family.

Their love story, showcased with authenticity, resonates beyond the confines of their private world.

Aida TauTuaa Controversy

Recently, Aida was involved in a heated argument with Calvin Abueva, a basketball player. 

After Game Two of the PBA 48th Season, Commissioner’s Cup finals between San Miguel and Magnolia, Calvin Abueva, Mo Tautuaa, and their wives argued at the SM Mall of Asia Arena.

Mo TauTuaa Wife, Aida TauTuaa
Mo TauTuaa Wife, Aida TauTuaa (Source: Twitter)

Reportedly, coaches and security had to intervene to prevent the situation from worsening.

After the incident, Aida wrote on her Twitter handle,

Calvin DID NOT physically attack me.
I had to walk past him to go to the restroom. He smirked at me, nodded his head up & down & said, “yeaaa” laughing. I said “wtf is wrong with you” & kept walking. He walked after me and literally got in my face.

She further added, 


Aida’s candid account swiftly went viral, sparking a storm on social media platforms.

Netizens expressed shock and concern over the altercation, with discussions and debates circulating widely.



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