Ms Jacky Oh Parents: Father Keith Smith And Family Tree

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Ms. Jacky Oh, the former cast of “Wild ‘N Out,” has died at the age of 32. She is survived by her parents, kids, siblings & her longtime boyfriend, rapper DC Young Fly.

Broken hearts, tears & queries have ramped social media & internet- heartfelt condolences!

Following her departure from ‘Wild ‘N Out,’ Jacky Oh ventured into entrepreneurship and launched her lip gloss line called the J Nova Collection.

Ms Jacky Oh
Late Jacky Oh (Source: Instagram)

In addition, she also appeared in various movies and television series. 

After her passing, there was a surge of public curiosity surrounding Jacky Oh’s personal life.

This article will provide further insights about her for those seeking more information.

Jacky Oh Parents: Meet Father Keith Smith Sr.

Ms. Jacky Oh was born on November 3, 1990, in Oakland, California, United States.

Her birth name is Jacklyn Smith, but she is famous for her nickname, “Jacky Oh,” acquired during her college years.

She had a mixed ethnicity as she was born to a black father and a white mother.

While her father’s name is Keith Smith Sr (birthday: August 2), unfortunately, her mother’s name remains unknown.

Jacky Oh Was Raised By A Single Father 

Raised solely by her father, Jacky Oh shared a close bond with him. Growing up without a mother figure, her father played a pivotal role in providing both emotional support and practical guidance.

Childhood Pic Of Ms Jacky Oh With Her Father
Childhood Pic Of Ms Jacky Oh With Her Father (Source: Instagram)

Her father had previously worked in the banking industry and played a significant role in her upbringing and development. 

Ms Jacky Oh Sister Kyla, And Brother Keith Jr

She had a brother named Keith Smith Jr and a sister named Kyla (born in 1997).

Moreover, Kyla is now a mother and welcomed a son in February 2023.

Jacky Oh Family Tree

Jacky Oh had a tight-knit extended family and cherished her relationships with all her relatives.

Her great-uncle was George, and her uncle was named Erny. Additionally, she had two aunts named Angela and Carol Smith.

Step Mother & Step Sister

Currently, Jacky Oh’s father embarked on a new relationship and married a woman named Maria Smith, who had a daughter from a previous relationship.

Ms Jacky Oh With Her Parents, Kids & Siblings
Ms Jacky Oh With Her Parents, Kids & Siblings (Source: Instagram)

As a result, she had a step-sister, which further expanded her family.

Jacky Oh Husband DC Young Fly And Kids

Jacky Oh and her loving partner DC Young Fly, a rapper and comedian, had been in a relationship since 2015.

Their love story began when they first met in a hotel lobby during DC’s rookie season on a series, and from that moment on, their connection grew stronger.

They started dating shortly after the season ended, and their commitment to each other was unwavering despite not being married. Together, they were blessed with three beautiful children.

Ms Jacky Oh Pictured With Her Kids
Ms. Jacky Oh Pictured With Her Kids (Source: Instagram)

Their journey as parents began in October 2016 when Jacky gave birth to their daughter, Nova Whitfield.

The joy of expanding their family continued in March 2020 when they announced that they were expecting again.

On August 7, 2020, their second daughter, Nala Whitfield, came into the world.

Finally, the couple welcomed their first son and third kid, Prince was born in 2022.

What Happened To Jacky Oh? Cause Of Death?

According to a report from TMZ on Thursday, it was announced that Jacky Oh had tragically passed away at the age of 33.

At the time of receiving the news, her husband DC was reportedly in Atlanta filming new episodes of “Wild ‘N Out.”

In a statement, the Smith family confirmed her death and revealed that she had passed away on Wednesday, May 31, 2023.

The family expressed their sadness and mentioned that they were still coming to terms with the unexpected loss, and they requested privacy during this difficult time.

Jacky Oh had allegedly traveled to Miami for a “mommy makeover” procedure before her untimely death.

In a post that has since been deleted, the former “Wild ‘N Out” girl had shared a photo with popular surgeon Dr. Zachary Okhah, indicating that she was preparing to undergo surgery.

The post’s caption mentioned her excitement for the upcoming procedure and encouraged her followers to stay tuned to her YouTube channel for the full reveal.

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