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There is no role bigger than being a mother. Here is a biography of athlete Myles Garrett’s mother, Audrey Garrett.

Audrey is a mother who truly stood by her son’s character and defended from all negativity.

Moreover, Audrey equally supports all of her children, seeking the betterment of their fame and future. Thus, once an athlete, Audrey made her known the reality of having an athletic life.

On the contrary, Audrey came into the limelight more after having her son, Myles, into a helmet incident. Further, the incident grew more negative about the athlete, and his mother half-alone stood for him.

American football player Myles Garrett with his mother Audrey Garrett
American football player Myles Garrett with his mother, Audrey Garrett.

Moreover, her entire family is involved in sports. In addition, all of them are renown as world-class athletes. Meanwhile, her parenting system also leads her to publish a book.

On the whole, Audrey is a perfect example of a world-class mother. Audrey was praised since she faced problems with her family’s health during a pandemic. Likewise, she had also faced unwanted completions in her family.

Consequently, to know more about this athlete’s mother, the following enlisted Andrey Garett’s biography.

Quick Facts

Learning more about Audrey Garett, here are some of the quick facts based on her life:

Full Name Audrey Ann Johnson (Garrett)
Known As Audrey Garrett
Birth Date 1965
Birth Place Newport News, Virginia
Residence Virginia, United States
Religion Christian
Nationality American
Ethnicity Black
Education Hampton University major in Communication
Horoscope Cancer
Father’s Name Sam Shriver
Mother’s Name Margot Shriver
Siblings 3 (Christopher, Pamela, and Maurice)
Age 59 Years Old
Height N/A
Weight N/A
Eye Color Brown
Hair Color Dark brown
Body type Athletic
Profession Mother
Marital Status Married
Spouse Lawrence Garrett
Children 3
Name of Children Sean Garrett, Brea Garrett & Miles Garrett
Net Worth Not Available
Merch  Book
Social Media Twitter
Last Update May, 2024

Who is Myles Garrett’s Mother | Personal Life and Family

Back then, Mrs. Audrey Garrett was born in Newport News, Virginia, in 1965. Likewise, she is one of the four children of Army Veteran Lloyd Johnson and Pamela Johnson.

But, she lost her father just at the age of seventeen. Thus, it was her mother who struggled and raised all of her children on her own.

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Audrey graduated with a major in communications. In fact, she had a scholarship in track from Hampton University.

Meanwhile, for her better maintenance, she worked in the social services department in Arlington, Texas. There, she worked as a service coordinator. 

Audrey herself used to be an All-American track star at the Hampton University.

Despite all, Mrs.Johnson had sclerosis and rheumatoid arthritis. Similarly, Mrs. Garrett was married to Mr. Lawrence. Moreover, he was graduated from South Oak Cliff High School and the University of California, Riverside.

But, unfortunately, Mr. Lawrence demised just at the age of 50.


More about Mrs. Garrett, her siblings are Christopher, Pamela, and Maurice. Thus, all of the siblings were so much determined to their careers.

Furthermore, sister Pamela is a former director and screenwriter for the Steele awards who graduated from Virginia Union University.

Similarly, her brother Christopher is a US Air employee, major in Business Administration from John C. Smith University in Charlotte, N.C.

On the other side, her younger brother Maurice holds a major in International Business from the University of North Carolina, Greensboro.


Mrs. Audrey has raised three talented and athletic children. During her relationship with Roland Williams, they had a son Sean.

Eventually, he used to be a basketball player at Boston College. Meanwhile, he also has played with Global Batang Pier, the Boston Celtics, the Dallas Mavericks, and the New Jersey Nets.

Audrey Garrett's three athletic children
Audrey Garrett’s three athletic children.

Likewise, her middle child Brea Simone became an athlete just at the age of 23. Brea was an NCAA Champion thrower with the Aggies track and Field team. In addition, she was a track and field athlete at Texas A&M.

Who is Myles Garrett’s Mother | Youngest Son

Nevertheless, Mrs. Audrey has the youngest son Myles Garett, born on 29th December 1995 in Arlington, Texas.

Furthermore, Myles played football under the guidance of coach Bob Wagner in his college days. Meanwhile, Myles completed his High School at Martin High School at Texas A&M.

Myles Garrett
Myles Garrett.

Later, he pursued his undergraduate degree in university studies in Global Arts, Planning, Design, and Construction in the College of Architecture.

Similarly, he holds a minor in geology and business administration. Likewise, he stood 6 feet and 5 inches tall.

Myles Garrett Career

Myles was a competitive athlete in the entire college. Moreover, he was also into basketball and track. Meanwhile, he recorded 81 tackles and 19.5 quarterback sacks in football.

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During his journey as an athlete, Myles claimed several high schools honors, including Parade All-American, MaxPreps All-American, and Texas Class 5A Defensive Player of the Year.

Accordingly, he played with his college team, the Texas A&M Aggies, for three seasons. Garrett was also selected as a finalist for Awards like the Rotary Lombardi and Ted Hendricks Awards.

Thus, he was declared for the NFL draft 2017 in December by the Cleveland Browns.

On the whole, Myles Garett’s net worth is estimated to be $12 million.

Who is Myles Garrett’s Mother | On Helmet Incident 

On November 14, 2019, Myles Garett ripped off Mason Rudolph’s helmet. Meanwhile, he struck the QB over the his opponent’s head. Later, Myles revealed that the Rudolph called him with an ‘N-word,’ which he vehemently denied.

Eventually, the incident resulted in Myles to a six-game suspension and took an emotional toll on him. Later, he even announced quitting the game reported by cleveland.com last year.

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Mrs.Audrey on Helmet Incident

In an interview, Mrs. Audrey opened up that she and her husband have attended their son’s every match and saw each movement of her son. Accordingly, rather than games, she watches Myles.

Furthermore, Mrs. Audrey said that some stuff went not as it should have. However, she also stated, her son Myles does not have temperaments.

Likewise, she opened about her husband and her concern about Myles’s level of competitiveness because he was so mild-mannered.

Even both of the parents were, first of all, so much concerned about what their son just did. Similarly, they were even worried if the other boy is okay? But later thought of what he just said to their son?

Being a parent, both the Audrey and Lawrence were all ready to listen up their son. However, they were so much prepared to protect their son from negativity as well. Thus, they did their best on protection right before judgments.

Regarding the incident, Myles and his parents were all in the same car back home after the incident. To summarize, Mrs. Audrey explained he was all hot and could not even talk in anger.

And, undoubtedly, his parents made him realize having parents to settle all of the problems.

Sooner or later, Myles’s parents let him be cool down and deal with each negativity. Hence, he learned how to have an option to ignore, play cool by ignoring, or walking away from those.

By 2020, Myles’s position was restored by NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell. Thus, he continued his scheduled trip to Tanzania as NFL captain of Waterboys. Meanwhile, Myles came up with a better version of himself.

Mrs.Audrey on Photoshoot Issue

Back again in the year 2019, there came an issue of Myles’s naked photoshoot. Similarly, there began eyeing with a topic “The Body Issue.” Subsequently, Mrs. Audrey gives all of her support to her beloved son’s side. 

In summary, Mrs. Audrey said that no one in her family could roam around shirtless in the house. As there’s a daughter in the house, she is believed to be clean and well-mannered. In addition, she also praises the good body in being.

Likewise, being a greek ancestor, Myles had a great body. He even used to do exercises for the perfect body. Myles had a well-managed body size and had a photoshoot where both of his parents were behind the camera.

Mrs. Audrey found out it pretty impressive and artistic. Thus, she again shut the tantrums by stating that everyone should appreciate having a good human body.

Who is Myles Garrett’s Mother | On her Children

Being a mother of three, Mrs. Audrey has always been the strongest and supportive. Moreover, she taught her children to be each other support system. Hence, she knows each behavior, intention, and emotion of each of her children.

Cover of the book, Creatrix.
Cover of the book, Creatrix.

As with Myles Garrett, Mrs. Audrey had to comfort her other children as well. Meanwhile, by the experience of parenting, Audrey, with co-author Chris Mueller and Mary Fischer-Nassib, published a parenting anthology called “Creatrix.”

Asthma and COVID-19

By the year 2019-2020, many things changed. Subsequently, Myles Garrett had bad times in his life. Back then, when the pandemic was hitting everyone hard, Myles had Asthma. 

Similarly, during a pandemic, he lost his great-grandmother over the summer. On the other side, they almost lost their father, Mr. Lawrence. Back then, Mrs. Audrey had to take care of her family. 

Accordingly, the situation was getting worse, but the family was family, and each member got through a lot. With lots of consideration, Mrs. Audrey succeeded in uniting her family. Hence, it took many considerations, dedication, and emotions.

Audrey Garrett | Social Media Presence

Despite being a mother of three athletes with lots of rumors, Audrey is pretty manageable and lives a cheerful life. Although with few followers, Audrey is active on Twitter. Meanwhile, there she retweets posts of her children of their athletic updates.

Twitter: 186 followers (@Audrey2110), As of Sep 2021.

Frequent Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is one of the amazing facts about the Garrett family?

While Sports Illustrated issued Myles Garrett in 2019, Myles revealed that his mother, Audrey, “worked tooth and nail.” Thus, it was all to get him into the issue, and later she agreed.

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