Nardo Wick Girlfriend: Is The Rapper Still Dating Soryiaa?

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Amid Nardo Wick’s musical success, the spotlight on ‘Nardo Wick Girlfriend’ introduces us to Soryia, adding a personal touch to the rapper’s life. 

With Soryia taking center stage and a surprise dating show appearance, Nardo Wick’s story becomes a charming melody, capturing fans with each beat and a sweet touch of affection.

American rapper Nardo Wick
American rapper Nardo Wick (Source: Instagram)

Nardo Wick, the rising rapper star from Jacksonville, Florida, burst onto the music scene with the catchy “Who Want Smoke?” in January 2021.

Born Horace Bernard Walls III in 2001, Wick signed with RCA Records, collaborating with G Herbo, Lil Durk, and 21 Savage.

Growing up in Jacksonville, Wick drew inspiration from childhood idol Gucci Mane, turning it into a later-life collaboration.

His debut album, “Who Is Nardo Wick?” (December 2021), hit number 17 on the Billboard 200 and earned platinum certification.

Wick’s discography includes hits like “Lolli,” “Slide,” and “Came Up,” along with collaborations like “Opp Pack” with 42 Dugg.

In 2023, he stayed in the spotlight with “Hot Boy,” featuring Lil Baby, and collaborated with Gucci Mane and Mudbaby Ru.

Beyond the music, Nardo Wick faced a legal hiccup in August 2021 but quickly returned from a concealed weapon charge.

Nardo Wick Girlfriend: Is The Rapper Still Dating Soryiaa?

Nardo Wick, the music sensation from Jacksonville, Florida, previously gave fans a sneak peek into his love life by introducing his girlfriend, Soryia.

You can find her on Instagram as @soryiaa_, where she runs a health and beauty business, Soryia Love, right in their hometown.

However, like any good story, there’s a twist. Rumors started swirling about a possible connection between Nardo Wick and another artist, Flo Milli. Despite a photo circulating online, there’s no romantic link between them.

Adding to the intrigue, a YouTube video titled “Nardo Wick CATCHES Girlfriend Cheating and EXPOSES Her” surfaced.

Nardo Wick And Girlfriend Soryiaa Kissing
Nardo Wick And Girlfriend Soryiaa Kissing (Source: Instagram)

It’s crucial to approach such stories cautiously, as the video doesn’t feature Nardo Wick himself, and the details can be a bit fuzzy.

Nardo Wick and Soryiaa keep their personal lives under wraps, making it all the more interesting for fans. As the rumors swirl, one thing’s for sure: Nardo Wick’s love life is capturing as much attention as his chart-topping music.

Despite some online rumors and speculations, no concrete evidence suggests that Nardo Wick is currently dating anyone else.

So, Soryia is still the leading lady in his life. As the rapper keeps his personal life private, fans will likely have to wait for more updates on this love story.

Seeking Love in a Sea of 50 Women

Nardo Wick, the acclaimed rapper behind hits like “Who Want Smoke?,” recently stepped into an unexpected spotlight as he tried to find love on the YouTube series “50 Women Vs. 1 Rapper.

Hosted by Noluvmar, the dating show set Nardo up on speedy dates with over four dozen women, adding a unique twist to his public persona.

In the midst of the dating game, Nardo faced some unexpected critiques from participants who found him to be a bit “stiff” and “dry” in his interactions.

The candid remarks, including being labeled a “boring ass n-gga,” brought an element of realness to the show as Nardo navigated the challenges of making connections.

Despite the dating game’s awkward moments, Nardo Wick’s music career remains on a high note.

Nardo Wick Appreance In 50 Women Vs 1 Rapper Dating Game
Nardo Wick Appreance In 50 Women Vs 1 Rapper Dating Game (Source: Instagram)

News broke recently that he would be hitting the road with 21 Savage for the American Dream Tour, covering 30 dates across the United States and Canada.

This tour announcement reinforces that while Nardo may face dating game challenges, his musical journey continues to soar.

As the rapper showcases his authenticity in both love pursuits and stage performances, fans are left intrigued by the contrast between his dating game adventure and the undeniable success of his musical endeavors.

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