NASCAR Legend Kyle Busch Retirement: Future Plans

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In an exclusive interview on SiriusXM’s “Cars and Cultures,” the racing legend Kyle Busch, a two-time NASCAR Cup Series champion, delighted fans by revealing his carefully thought-out retirement plans.

With a glint of determination in his eyes, the 38-year-old icon announced that he envisions a perfect world where he will gracefully exit the NASCAR Cup Series in seven years.

Kyle‘s eyes light up as he talks about his precious son, Brexton, who is now 8 years old.

With a proud smile, he shares that he has mapped out his racing journey, aiming to synchronize it with Brixton’s growth and aspirations.

NASCAR Champ Kyle Busch: Retirement Plan
Kyle Busch With His Family (Source:

The momentous decision comes from a place of love and passion for the sport, as Kyle plans to step away from the Cup Series when Brexton reaches the age of 15.

As the world listens in, captivated by Kyle’s dedication to his family and racing, he explains that when his son turns 15, he will embark on an exciting new phase of his career.

Kyle’s dream is to transition to the Craftsman Truck Series, where he’ll race full-time.

The ambitious goal behind this move is to etch his name in history as the first driver ever to clinch a championship in all three of NASCAR’s prestigious series.

NASCAR Champ Kyle Busch: Retirement Plan

In an intimate and candid interview with Forbes, the racing legend Kyle Busch unfolded his dream retirement plan, a vision he has carefully nurtured.

He passionately shared his ideal scenario, one that centers around his beloved son, Brexton, and the pursuit of a historic milestone.

In a perfect world,” Kyle expressed with a sense of wonder, “I’ve kind of dreamt this up a little bit. I would retire from Cup racing when Brexton is 15 years old.”

Kyle’s ambition is to make history by capturing a championship in all three of NASCAR’s prestigious series.

With an air of determination, he explained, “I would go run a year of truck. I’d commit to a full season in the Truck Series to see if I can secure a Truck Series championship. If I achieve that, I would become the first driver ever to have won a championship in all three series of NASCAR.”

The dream doesn’t end there. He passionately envisions a unique partnership with his son.

When Brexton turns 16, him and I can share the truck. He can take on the shorter track races, and I’ll handle the bigger track races. We’ll split the responsibilities for two years because, as we all know, you have to be 18 to compete on the larger tracks.”

The heartfelt connection between father and son shone through as Kyle continued, “And then, when he turns 18, he takes full control, racing and aiming for glory. When he wins that championship, then he moves on to his own journey, and that’s when I’ll gracefully step aside. That would be it for me, and I can confidently say I’ve achieved my dream.”

NASCAR Champ Kyle Busch

Busch, who has been having a fantastic first season with Richard Childress Racing (RCR), currently stands in an impressive fifth place in the points standings, with three well-deserved wins in the bag from the first 20 races.

However, he faced some challenges during Monday’s Crayon 301 at New Hampshire Motor Speedway.

Throughout the weekend, he encountered three wrecks, occurring during practice, qualifying, and the race itself.

Unfortunately, his misfortunes culminated in a final lap incident during Stage 1, where he hit the wall after his car got loose, going into a corner.

This unfortunate turn of events led to his No. 8 RCR team being unable to get the car back on track, ultimately resulting in a season-low 36th-place finish.

After the race, Busch shared his perspective, explaining that he had been struggling with a lack of right-rear grip throughout the entire event.

NASCAR Champ Kyle Busch: Retirement Plan
Kyle Busch Celebrates After Winning (Source: Reading Eagle)

He expressed his efforts in trying to manage the situation by carefully controlling his car while seeking the best line on the track.

However, as the run progressed, he attempted a different racing line that proved to be too high on entry, and this, combined with the grip issue, made it difficult to maintain control, resulting in the unfortunate incident.

Despite the challenging race, Busch remained positive and determined to overcome the grip issues for future events.

The experienced driver and his team are committed to learning from this experience and making the necessary adjustments to get back to their winning ways in the upcoming races.

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