Nick Kyrgios Weight Loss Journey: Diet And Workout Plan

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Nick Kyrgios’s weight loss journey is an inspiration to many. Kyrgios credited his diet and workout plan for the successful 2022 campaign.

The Australian tennis star, Nick Kyrgios, has been the talk of the town since the day he stepped into the tennis court.

Whether it has been because of his tennis skills or his tantrums off the court, Kyrgios has always been the media’s eye candy for years. 

Nick Kyrgios Looks Ready To Play His Shot During A Match In 2022
Nick Kyrgios Looks Ready To Play His Shot During A Match In 2022 (Source: Instagram)

The year 2022 was a special year for the tennis’ bad boy. He made it to his first singles Grand Slam final, facing off against World no.1 Novak Djokovic at Wimbledon.

While fans were eager to see Nick’s fierce serves & shots in action, he pulled out ahead of the 2023 Australian Open due to a knee injury, where Djokovic emerged victorious over Stefanos Tsitsipas.

His fans will now hope for a strong comeback in the 2023 French Open, scheduled from May 29 to June 5, 2023. 

Nick Kyrgios Weight Loss Journey

Nick Kyrgios’s first weight loss journey began as a kid growing up in Australia. 

Before he became one of the famous faces for tennis and was known for his great physique, Nick Kyrgios faced uncertainty about his tennis success because of his stock frame.

Nick Kyrgios Went Through Body Transformation As He Got Older
Nick Kyrgios Went Through Body Transformation As He Got Older (Source: Instagram)

In few of the childhood pictures Kyrgios has shared on his social media show Kyrgios on the overweight side. During an interview in 2022, Kyrgios opened up about his childhood difficulties with obesity.

The Australian star said, looking back at the pictures couldn’t quite believe how far he had come. Kyrgios said he never lost hope to make it big someday and wants to be an inspiration for kids out there who face challenges with obesity. 

Nick Kyrgios Switched To Vegan Diet In 2020

Kyrgios admitted to having stopped eating dairy and meat in a 2020 Instagram post and switched his diet to plant-based. 

Kyrgios said he did because he is passionate about animal welfare and had thought to do so for many years but believed his grueling traveling schedule wouldn’t let him do so. 

But finally, in 2020, the Australian tennis player thought to switch to a vegan diet once and for all. The Australian wildfire was also one of the reasons for Kyrgios to switch his diet. 

Nick Kyrgios Poses For The Camera As He Looks Stunning In the Lakers Hoodie
Nick Kyrgios Poses For The Camera As He Looks Stunning In the Lakers Hoodie (Source: Instagram)

Seeing many animals lose their lives during the wildfire left the tennis’ bad boy heartbroken. He even supported the rescue group WIRES sharing their posts on his social media handles. 

Kyrgios said, looking at the photos he couldn’t comprehend eating meat. In an interview with The Mirror in 2022, Nick admitted he was in a dark place in 2019 and was abusing drugs and alcohol.

He credited his diet as one of the reasons to pull him out of the abusive state and helped him become a better person and a better player. 

Nick Kyrgios Workout Plan

Nick Kyrgios’s workout plan isn’t everybody’s cup of tea. The tennis player admitted it himself. 

A video shared by Kyrgios in 2021 shows the tennis player sweating it out on the tennis court as he captioned the post, “Everyone wants the lifestyle, only a few put in work – this is a day in day out.” 

Nick Kyrgios Puts In Extra Effort In Gym To Get Ready To Conquer 2023 Campaign
Nick Kyrgios Puts In Extra Effort In Gym To Get Ready To Conquer 2023 Campaign (Source: Instagram)

In March, Kyrgios shared a post of him exercising at the gym, cycling, as he looked ready to up his stamina from the last season.

Previously, Nick has also been seeing focusing on weight training. He shared the video of him lifting weights in the gym as he looked to increase his endurance level. 

Kyrigios has also been seen focusing on band-resisted exercises, which help to improve lateral speed. Lateral speed is a highly treasured asset by tennis stars as it helps them improve their reaction time. 

The controversial tennis star gave fans an insight into his current training regime from his Instagram story as he looks to recover from his knee injury. 

He shared a photo of him in front of a blackboard that had his circuits written on it. It included lateral hops, an assault bike combined with jump shots, and a sled tag.

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