76ers Head Coach Nick Nurse Family: Brother, Parents & Family Tree

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Nick Nurse, who recently joined the Philadelphia 76ers as a head coach, has trained young basketball players since he was twenty-three.

Immediately after graduating college, he joined the Northern Iowa Panthers as their assistant coach.

Before that, Nurse played for the Panthers for four years until 1989, when he was a teammate with Greg McDermott.

Nick intended to become a coach instead of a proper professional player from the get-go.

His only stint as a player was with the British Basketball League club Derby Rams, where he served as a coach simultaneously.

The Newly Appointed 76ers Head Coach Nick Nurse (Source: Liberty Ballers)
The Newly Appointed 76ers Head Coach Nick Nurse (Source: Liberty Ballers)

Apart from being an accomplished coach, Nick is a doting father of two kids and a beloved husband to his wife, Roberta Nurse.

Like himself, Roberta is a former volleyball college player at Florida Gulf Coast University and assistant volleyball coach at Winthrop University assistant coach.

The couple has been doing well raising kids and managing sports teams at competitive levels.

Nick Nurse’s Dad Introduced Him to Basketball

Nurse was born to his parents, Maury and Marcella Nurse, on July 24, 1967, in Iowa, United States. 

His mother, Marcella, was a teacher at a local school nearby their residence.

On the other hand, his dad worked for U.S. Postal Service but participated mainly in sports, managing the local basketball team and volunteering as the Little League program’s president.

Young Nick Nurse Playing With The Derby Rams (Source: Derby Telegraph)
Young Nick Nurse Playing With The Derby Rams (Source: Derby Telegraph)

As a result, he took his kids to watch games. Gradually, Nick, too, started participating in games and took training classes in Little League Basketball. 

Aside from that, his mother, Marcella, wanted her children to love music. So, she took Nick to take piano classes as well.

Born in a large family, he grew up with three sisters and five brothers. His sisters are Susan & Michelle, while his brothers are Jim, Dan, Tom, Ken & Steve.

His parents lived in Carroll, Iowa, for nearly sixty years. His dad, Maury, passed away at 89 in 2015. Three years later, his mom died in her residence in Iowa at 94.

Nick Nurse Family

The one-time NBA-winning coach is married to Roberta Nurse, a former volleyball coach.

In addition, she played collegiate volleyball at Florida Gulf Coast University. Roberta holds a bachelor’s degree in resort & hospitality management.

Roberta completed her master’s degree in public administration from the University of Texas later, even though she embarked on her sports career.

Furthermore, she also coached young volleyball players at Winthrop University.

Roberta And Nick Nurse With Their Children (Source: Instagram)
Nick Nurse With His Family (Source: Instagram)

Speaking of her acquaintance with Nick, they first met in 2012. After two years of dating, Nick proposed to Roberta for marriage, to which Roberta agreed.

Eventually, the two married on September 26, 2015, among their close family members and friends.

Roberta, although busy, gets enough time to enjoy life, as seen on her Instagram handles.

She likes exploring new places and spending quality time with her family in her spare time.

The fantastic sports couple, as of yet, has two kids. Their first son, Leo Nurse, was born on February 8, 2017.

Likewise, Roberta gave birth to their second son, Rocky Levi, on May 20, 2019.

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