Nicolette Gotti Wiki And Age: John Gotti III Sister Instagram And Other Details

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John Gotti III, a professional MMA fighter, and Nicolette Gotti represent the present generation of the notorious Gotti Gambino crime family.

Nicolette Gotti is a sister of John Gotti III and the daughter of the former mobster John Jr. Gotti.

The Gotti family bloodline is thicker than water, which illustrates in their strong support for each other.

Moreover, the sibling duo was engaged in trash talk with Floyd Mayweather and his daughter Yaya, so the exhibition match at the FLA Live Arena was stopped.

John Gotti III, The Famous MMA Fighter
John Gotti III, The Famous MMA Fighter (Source: MMA Fighting)

Therefore, the incident turned wild when Nicolette sent a death threat for Floyd Mayweather’s daughter, capturing the attention of both the internet and the public.

This controversial incident has garnered mixed reactions, drawing significant attention to Nicolette and her actions.

Nicolette Gotti, Sister Of John Gotti III

Nicolette Gotti, the sister of John Gotti III, comes from a notorious lineage. They represent a family history intertwined with the infamous Gambino crime legacy.

Their grandfather, John Gotti, held the boss position in the Gambino crime family from 1986-1991.

Meanwhile, their father, Gotti Jr., assumed the role of acting boss while Gotti Sr. was incarcerated.

Nicolette & Gino Her Husband
Nicolette & Gino, Her Husband (Source: Instagram)

Her mother’s name is Kimberly Albanese, but unfortunately, no is available about her on the internet.

As per the information online, Nicolette has one sister, Gianna Gotti, and two brothers, Charles Herbert Gotti and John Gotti.

Later, Nicolette was married in 2020 to Gino, her first and only boyfriend, as per his father, Gotti Jr.’s Instagram post.

Nicolette Gotti Threat To Floyd Mayweather

The Gotti sibling didn’t hold back after the brawl with Floyd Mayweather and his daughter Yaya.

John Gotti III and Floyd Mayweather’s exhibition match at the FLA Live Arena in Sunrise, Florida, ended in a full-out brawl.

Following this, Nicolette couldn’t contain her anger and slashed out at Mayweather and his daughter Yaya.

She called them the zoo animals and sent a bone-chilling threat to Floyd Mayweather’s daughter Iyanna Mayweather, better known as Yaya Mayweather, via her Instagram story.

Nicolette & Yaya Mayweather
Nicolette & Yaya Mayweather (Source: Instagram)

Although right after, she set her Instagram private to avoid the upcoming diss from Floyd Mayweather fans.

Several fans expressed horror and fear, stating, “The Gotti Family still maintains strong connections, and it’s terrifying.”

Meanwhile, some even called out for the subtle racism as one user wrote, “She wanted to use the n-word so bad but settled for circus/zoo animals instead, lol.”

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