Noah Gragson Girlfriend: Who Is The NASCAR Star Dating?

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As of this writing, the American stock car racing driver, Noah Gragson, is reportedly single. While there have been instances of him publicly interacting with women and engaging in flirtatious behavior in the past, his current relationship status remains unconfirmed.

Gragson’s personal life has occasionally garnered public attention, but he has chosen to keep details about his romantic life private.

As a public figure, he continues to focus on his racing career and remains dedicated to his profession on the track.

Noah Gragson
Noah Gragson (Source: CNN)

However, it’s important to note that Noah Gragson has faced some controversy in his career.

He was recently suspended due to his involvement in a social media incident where he appeared to have liked an insensitive meme featuring a photo of George Floyd.

This incident has brought negative attention to Gragson, and he is likely taking steps to address and learn from the situation.

Noah Gragson Girlfriend: Who Is The NASCAR Star Dating?

As of the present, the NASCAR driver Noah remains single, focusing on his career and personal endeavors.

In March 2018, there was an intriguing episode where he engaged in some flirtatious banter with the renowned Alpine skier Lindsay Vonn.

He openly expressed his interest in her on Twitter, hoping for a response, but unfortunately, Vonn did not reply to his tweets.

In the aftermath of this playful exchange, the driver shared a light-hearted tweet, humorously announcing that he had officially moved on from pursuing Lindsay Vonn, playfully stating, “#HerLoss.”

Rejected By Derby Model, He Tried To Kiss

After winning the 51st annual Snowball Derby at Five Flags Speedway in Pensacola, Florida, Noah couldn’t contain his joy.

With the taste of victory on his lips, he decided to celebrate by attempting to steal a kiss from the Snowball Derby model, Helena Ciappina.

However, the lighthearted and spontaneous gesture didn’t quite go as he expected.

As he leaned in for the kiss, Helena evaded his advance, leaving him with a good-natured smile on his face.

Despite the missed kiss, Noah’s triumph on the track was undeniably sweet, and his spirited attempt to share the moment with Helena added an endearing touch to the celebration. 

Noah Gragson’s Suspension

NASCAR took swift action and suspended driver Noah Gragson indefinitely after he appeared to have liked an insensitive meme featuring a photo of George Floyd on social media.

Gragson, 25, was in the midst of his first full season as a driver in the Cup Series, NASCAR’s top league, when Legacy Motor Club made the decision to replace him with Josh Berry in the No. 42 car, citing that his actions did not align with the team’s values.

The suspension was enforced because Gragson’s actions violated the stock car racing’s member conduct section of the rules, which explicitly states that members should refrain from publicly disparaging individuals based on their background.

While NASCAR stated the suspension would be indefinite, it has been seen in the past that drivers under indefinite suspension have had opportunities to rejoin the sport after showing appropriate remorse and understanding of their actions.

In response to the situation, Gragson issued a statement on platform X, wherein he acknowledged his lack of attention and actions on social media.

Although he didn’t directly address the specific meme, his statement seemed to imply that the suspension resulted from his inadvertent approval of the George Floyd meme.

He expressed disappointment in himself and stressed that he treats everyone equally, regardless of who they are, acknowledging that he made a mistake and taking full responsibility for his actions.

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