Nonito Donaire Wife Rachel Marcial Is A Taekwondo Champion

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The wife of the professional boxer Nonito Donaire is also a combat sports champion. She is the Military Taekwondo Champion.

Nonito Donaire married his wife, Rachel Marcial, in 2008. Since then, she has been completely involved in his professional career.

Furthermore, Rachel also played the trainer role and called the shots from the corner during Nonito’s fights.

Professional Boxer Nonito Donaire Jr.
Professional Boxer Nonito Donaire Jr. (Source: Google)

Nonito Gonzales Donaire Jr. is a 41-year-old professional boxer. Although born in the Philippines, he is an American citizen through his Hawaiian-born grandfather and moved at the age of 11.

For Nonito, boxing became a medium to get his parents’ attention. His small frame and frail nature often made him bullied in high school.

Moreover, when his brother took up boxing and got his family’s extra care, little Nonito also then decided to take up boxing. Although he has confessed he never enjoyed boxing.

Nonito slowly developed his skills and won three US National Championships and International Junior Olympics Gold Medal in 1999.

Furthermore, Donaire turned professional in 2001. His display won him the nickname “The Filipino Flash,” and he held multiple world championships across four weight classes.

Wife of Nonito Donaire: Rachel Marcial

Nonito Donair and Rachel Marcial have been married for 15-years. The boxer draws his motivation from his wife and her support.

Moreover, Rachel’s voice is the only thing that Nonito likes to hear when he is in the ring. His wife, “The Knockout Queen,” trained her husband and served as a sparring partner.

Nonito Donaire And His Wife Rachel Marcial
Nonito Donaire And His Wife Rachel Marcial Showing Their WBC Belts (Source: Instagram)

Rachel Marcial is a 41-year-old Flipina-American fitness expert and trainer. 

Furthermore, she is also the first-ever woman to win WBC World Champion Trainer.

Rachel herself has a history marked in combat sports. She played taekwondo in high school, joined her college team, and represented the US and Philipines National Team.

Her most significant achievement, however, comes from her time in the military, where she became the Taekwondo Champion.

Nonito and Rachel are Parents of Two Kids

The eccentric couple is the parents of two sons: Jarel Michael and Jarel Logan.

The elder son Jarel is 10-year-old. He is already picking up fitness-based life as he is seen training at the gym.

The Donaire Family
The Donaire Family (Source: Instagram)

Likewise, the younger son Logan is 9-year old and suffered major complications during his birth.

Moreover, the two sons live a happy life with their loving parents.

Rachel Marcial Uses Her Platform for Raising Awareness

Through her Instagram, the champion trainer raises her voice against several issues of society.

In 2013, she dived, risking the life of her unborn child to save a drowning kid. This reflects her larger-than-life character.

She advocates for abused women and children and voices her opinions on how women should have equal space in the world of boxing.

Furthermore, she also campaigned for the #StopAsianHate sentiments during the Covid era and frequently protested against racism.


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